Monday, August 27, 2012

Reaper Bones and ICFBTS Big Top Edition

ICFBTS The Big Top Edition is off to the editor!  I am pushing for a release date for Reel to Real of October and of Big Top Edition of December of this year.  This will put the Missing Link at Spring 2013 and  Heading Home for Summer of 2013.

This version is really a theme book.  It contains all of what scared the crap out of me as a kid at the circus.  I was able to get a cage match scenario in there too!

I look forward to your feedback!

Also has anyone else heard about the announcement Reaper has made about allowing people to contribute to the kickstarter post kickstarter?  Wow!  The Vampire level is 100 bucks and they give you 240 figures or more! Here's the announcement.

"Yes, if you did not pledge Vampire and don't upgrade to Vampire, you can still get the options and 
extras but they will cost you about 20% more rounded up to the nearest dollar over what is listed here."
"if you did not pledge at all and want to still get involved, you will have to enter at the Vampire Level and it will be $150 and not $100 as a base price. It's going to retail at $500 so it will still be a great deal. You will also have to pay the extra 20% for the options and extras.'
These two statements implicitly imply that if you HAVE pledged Vampire Level or Upgrade to Vampire Level and you are an existing backer, there is no increase in the amount needed to add the options and extras you want. Therefore, yes you can add more to your pledge and get options and extras."

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