Thursday, August 2, 2012

Picasso - A Thriller

So I wrote a book.  It's a novel, well technically a novella but well we won't argue semantics here. This is my first large fiction.  As many of you already know I had previously written a young adult short story called The Darkness Within and have my illustrator working on the art for a children's book Bernie the Bird Who Was Scared of Heights.  This is a much more different type of book as it is aimed at mature adults.  The book itself is a thriller about a serial killer and a team of detectives in Jacksonville, FL who are trying to catch the killer.  The story is full of my own thoughts about Jacksonville, FL as well as some popular references.

"When some familiar grisly evidence arrives at the station the detectives must relive demons of the past. Now a copycat serial killer has begun a killing spree that eerily haunts Detective Sarah Camp. This one is known for hurting innocents and he is on the rampage in Jacksonville, FL. A copycat is on the loose but can Detectives Sarah Camp and William Morris stop the killer in time or will the body count continue to rise?"

"Detective Sarah Camp crept along the cold slippery steel beam of the Dillon building holding her Heckler & Koch P30V3 9mm semi-automatic pistol in her right hand as her left groped about in the moonlight darkness for the supporting pylons. The black polymer grip felt good in her hand and reassured her as she caressed the gun. The 9mm held a special place in her heart having saved her butt on countless occasions. She lovingly referred to it by the name Phillip."

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