Thursday, August 23, 2012

Game Based on the Psychotic Experience of Man of La Mancha

I watched the musical with my family yesterday "The Man of La Mancha".  Now I have not yet before seen the musical (and we still have a little left to watch) but I can tell you that I thought that it was a riot!  The idea of the guy charging headlong at the windmill when he thought it was a giant all the while listening to his 'squire'  speak encouraging words. He charges the windmill and as one would expect he falls off his horse.  Then ensues a very funny bit where he is spinning around on the arms of the windmill shouting 'have at thee' and phrases from Authorian medieval times.

The idea is a very famous one.  In fact, the book was written in 1605 and the plan in 1968.  Check it out for yourself here! Man of La Mancha.

The premise is that a Spanish/Mexican man having become fed up with the injustices of society snaps and transforms himself into a knight of the old world.  He rides off and has all manner of adventures.

What if there was a campaign whereby the players were anachronistically acting out scenes from ancient greece or rome while set in a medieval time?  Or one that is set in modern age and has the players being from medieval times?  I think it would be a hoot.  They would of course all be nuts but it would be a riot to run such a game.  So who wants to play something like that?


  1. All of my wargaming plans appear to have hatched in the addled brain of a madman.

    Seriously, though, I adore Man of La Mancha as well! Dulcinea, Dulcinea, I see Heaven when I see thee, Dulcinea!!

    1. One little correction based on wikipedia "It tells the story of the "mad" knight, Don Quixote, as a play within a play, performed by Cervantes and his fellow prisoners as he awaits a hearing with the Spanish Inquisition" Special note the Spanish inquisition NEVER took place in mexico but was purely a historical event in Spain to rid the country of Moors from the recent rule of Muslims and other "heretics". So no "mexicans" would be involved in this story.

    2. Actually for whatever reason the musical had that in there.

  2. Andy last night in the steampunk dragonlance game one of the players failed her wisdom check when researching the king in yellow. I told her she saw everything as semi schizophrenia.