Saturday, August 4, 2012

20mm Modern & Cold War, Space 1889 and Houses for Sale

I have the following for sale. If you are in the US the prices below cover shipping.  If you are outside of the US shipping will be additional.  Please feel free to make an offer on any items that you see below that you wish.  I am selling them as lots.  Your money will go to continue to fund our game design projects including sculpting of new miniatures for ICFBTS and WTNW.  Thank you!

Lot 1 - 20mmJihad by Stan Johansen
5 bags of unopened miniatures
18 lose figures.
These are all insurgents.
Asking $55 USD.

Lot2 - 20mm Cold War
3 bags of USA
4 bags of Africa
6 bags Russian
6 bags of Mercs
Asking $100.00 USD

Lot3 - Ralgard Fleet for Uncharted Seas.  
Unopened. Asking 60.00 with shipping.

Lot4 - Space 1889 Figures by RAFM.
These are collectors editions folks!  I am asking $70.00 for the pair.

Lot5 - 3 Large Houses suitable for 25-28mm gaming.
I am asking $60.00 USD for the houses.


  1. I'll take lot 1 and 2 if you haven't sold them by the 15th!

    1. if you can agree that you will absolutley take them they are yours.

  2. Also if anyone is interested in taking them I'll give you the Shroud Mages fleet that I have. It includes all the vessels for the Shroud Mages including their flagship. I will also give you the rule book. The Shroud Mages are painted and there are pics of them here under the Uncharted Seas label. I will go $120.00 for the Shroud Mages, the Ralgard and the main book. This includes shipping folks!

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