Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shadowrun - Your Princess Is in Another Castle

Shadows of the Pirate’s Cove

Adventure One: Your Princess is in Another Castle
From Our GM (Frank)

It was a bright sunny day in Freeport, Grand Bahamas and our crew was out on West Sunrise Highway in the Main Bazaar tracking down leads on a troll that had not paid the Casino three month’s installment on a gambling debt. This was a simple “friendly” reminder that the bill was due which according to Snake the Casino Agent meant “When you rough him up don’t break any bones, yet.”

Serena got a call from Aims (aims Johnson was the front man for their “benefactors”, an anonymous Corp named Amazonia but we are not supposed to say that Chummer). As usual the “Fek hat hit the Dran” but these urgent drop everything jobs pay. Seems a young Girl “Angela Princess” got herself snatched right on the resort Hotel near the Cruise Liner docks.

The Corp types were in a bind ‘cause she was the daughter of the executive in charge of R&D for their agro and bio pharmacy divisions. They needed a team that was local and a team than could handle magery because whoever it was, was able to crash into a CorpSec resort and had to have some serious mojo on their side. Even Drekkin tagged the lawn like it was the Back Alley slums on the North side.

Well the group stumbled around. Gemini found the first lead by locating their exit route. Pisces did his bird imitation and got there first. They identified the dock and Serena sweet talked the port local to give up the group. The Ogre she was unavailable, she was working in Nassau on a Guard Dog assignment that went south and was incognito. Something unrelated for Amazonia that needed doing, a street samurai is exactly who you need when you need things done. Nough said, Chummer.

Well they hightailed after these bozo’s out to the jungle where there was an old fort built on a small hill. Evidently this was a gang of chipheads and the mage was creepy. He was some kind of toxic shaman that seemed to be able to operate despite wiring himself up. He used some strange tradition that the mana slagger had dreamed up. Still hard to figure how they got past CORPSEC security at a five star resort especially given their tactics amounted to squat less than diddly.

The mages took out two of the crew from a distance but the bodies were seen and an alarm sounded. Their tank raced out, a chromer named Slash. Draped in obvious metal he opened fire on Gemini’s bike firing into nothingness. After being riddled with machine gun bullets he succumbed to the mages lightning bolt. The rest of the chip heads realized that real life ain’t no SIM and racked out of there. The mage Zed and an oversized Orc sneaked out the back when the firefight started but were intercepted by another group, a CorpSec security team, but black ops, not running the beacon of Corp Security. They evidently took little Angela Princess and fragged Zed. The Orc was nowhere to be seen.

In the aftermath Gemini followed the Helicopter from a distance with his drone as long as it could keep up. It landed neatly on a submersible carrier and seemed to be headed for Cuba but who knows where it really ended up. In the aftermath Amazonia called the team and have asked them to investigate. This has become a high priority since the Jolly Rogers appear to be patsies set up for a rival corp. funny how a simple run gets all drekked up in the Shadows huh.

The only problem is that after a day the morgue has announced that the body of Zed was lost.  Something is really creepy about that.

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