Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shadowrun - Corporate Pirates of the Caribbean

You know the old adage about if you want to know how someone else feels walk a mile in their shoes?  I have been running games so long now that I really needed to experience life from the opposite side of the GM screen. So I did.

We had our first session of our Shadowrun game last night.  The game is a really cool setting of corporate influences nestled in the Caribbean.  The game is being ran by Frank.  We are using the Wizpro/Catalyst edition of the game.

First, let me say how wonderful it is to be playing again!  I really do enjoy Gming and it is in my blood but so is playing and last night I got to do some good roleplaying and only had to do it for one character, mine.  So a big thank you to Frank for running a fantastic game!

Our party consists of our Rigger - Gemini, our Virtual Adept - Serena and our resident mage - Pisces.  Serena and Pisces have an Initiate group and a sanctuary aboard the ship.  We work as registered SINners for Amazonia.  We are quazi corp security and hired guns.

My mage has a mentor spirit of a Megladon whom he lovingly calls Meg or Meggie.  Pisces is from the Lousianna Bayou and is as Cajun as they come.  He is a Shark Shaman. Serena is our VA and the face.  She and Pieces have history with the Yakuza that had made them enemies of the organization. She is of the Native council.Gemini is our Rigger and he uses drones and other cool tech stuff that neither Cher nor I know much about.

The mission started with Ames Johnson setting up a VR session with us to discuss a kidnapping of a businesses contributor's daughter.  Some local Go Gang with Skull and Crossbones images.  We did a little remote research before I shapechanged into a pellican and went to the scene of the crime.

Once at the scene, Geminis drone were hit up by the Governers Police wanting his clearance.  After the imperial entanglement we continued the search which ended with us seeing vid of several chipped out metalheads and a particularly nasty chromehead.  There was something else too, something toxic magic and dangerous.  Our exploration ended with us finding the body of a janitor at a sewer outage to the sea and me speaking with an awakened rock spirit which gave us a sense of where the boat the kidnappers used to escape went.

We followed the lead to the docks on a tipoff from Serenas contacts we learned that the mage Zip was a bad dude.  Cybered out mage with a overly sensitive go gang.

Serena worked her magic at the docks and learned the location of their base from an overly friendly dwarf fisherman.  She also scored us a landrover that was rigged from the same dwarf.The final showdown at the fort.  Serena cast invisibility while Gemini jacked in remotely to his drone and I turned into a racoon.  I still think Gemini was doing doughnuts in the boat at the harbor just to show off that he could be on two places at once.

Serena spotted a sentry at the top of the tower.  I signaled to her in racoon and moved behind cover.  Their base was a old Carribean fort made of stone situated on a hill. We were at the bottom of the hill. I cast increased reflexes and got five hits!  This boosted my init to a nine.  By Geroge I love this system. Quickly, I mana bolted the guy and he went out.  I did the drain roll and took one stun. One down. Next, another guard, oblivious to our presence met anothet of my mana bolts and went down but not before he could sceam the alarm.

Gemini and Serena both got surprise shots off and then the regular rounds started.

Mr cyberhead from the vid exited the building pulling transformer moves with his cyber arms and other stuff.  Then the toxic mage tried to blast Serena but her.counter was successful.  The chipheads opened fire, causing very little damage.

Gemini used his heavy weapons to chip away at cyberdude.  Then I blasted cyberface with lightning and got eight hits!  He was toast!

Serena shot and eliminated a guard and then somemore chipheads came out and flamed the place but not before zip and crew rushed the hill with the package.

Thats when some black helo arrived and vulcan minicannoned everyone and extracted the package while we watched.

The game ended with us being paid 20000 nuyen and the mission to be continued.

excellent game!

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