Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dinosaurs, Tripods and Landships oh My!

Rick and his son came over today and I was able to show them the game When the Navy Walked. When they got here I told them both to pick a theme and Rick picked dinosaurs while Ethan picked British. I pulled out the units for the British Northern Colonial Army from the main core book and the units for the Aztec army from Earthin. They both setup on the table across from one another. The table was already setup with terrain featuring woods to the East and a mining town to the West with hills beyond the town. The British objective was to capture the town and the Aztec's objective was total destruction of the invaders.
They seemed to get the mechanics fairly easy although I actually goofed (yeah I wrote it I know) with the command point generation and allowed them to roll a die six for every two units that they had instead of just giving an additional command point per every two units. We used the movement costs command points rule as well.

After setting up and going through a turn of movement the father and son took to the game fairly quickly and began by shooting volleys of fire at one another. Rick maneuvered his troops into the field while the British broke into skirmish and approached the same field. The behemoth thunder lizard was moved into position and the Littleton landship was moved behind the houses.

The following turn had more trading of fire and casualties on both ends including a routed British Ganges rifle battalion and several wounded raptor knights. The thunder lizard made quick work of another British Ganges rifle unit and then plowed into the leader. Unfortunately for Ethan he was unable to get the required 10 hits to cause the behemoth damage! He kept rolling nine hits with the Littleton and his units. This would spell defeat for the British as the Aztec line troops stayed far out of the fight and Rick engaged the British with the dinosaur and his raptor knights.

The final photo below shows the behemoth dinosaur and the raptor knights (used ww1 cav as proxy) against the Littleton landship. The British onboard were heard to exclaim "Well, now, that's night rightly good is it?" before they were captured and fed to the giant alligators that are common around the mining town.

The second game had Frank playing the Yuan Dynasty on raptors versus my Overlord Invasion force from the Conflict on Mars book. I used the Rebel Miniatures Tripods which are official 15mm of the game and are available from their site! The big one works very well as the deathwalker. The UFOs are from Gavin's line at 15mmuk.

We again used the alternate command points rules but correctly this time. This game I decided that since Frank had maneuverability and I knew about how dangerous those mongols were in hand to hand I decided to sit back, form a line, and use my superior martian weapons at range. This proved to be an advantage as I was able to take out his creature unit from a distance knocking out one creature with a critical concussion and another a few turns later during the melee round with my gray line troops.

The enemy dinosaur chomped up the other gray line troops while I used the three tripods in tandem against the Yuan raptor cavalry which unfortunately Frank placed behind his creature units effectively blocking their line of fire to my line units. The Yuan therefore concentrated their firepower on my tripod units and although they did score several hits against the grays and eliminated one of the scout ufos they were unable to defeat the Overlords this day!

Cool Pointers: Use small poker chips as activation markers. Write an A on one side on about half of your chips. Then mark all units each phase. Reveal at the start of the phase. This way neither side knows what the other is doing! Thanks Rick for this awesome idea! It really worked well and I had forgotten that I had those poker chips in the garage (game room)! They sure beat using the big cards.

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