Sunday, July 22, 2012

ACG Historicon & Ancient City Con 2012

We had another successful convention in Jacksonville this year.  We ran two games of It Came From Beyond the Still at ACC and one giant fourteen player game at Historicon.

The new banner looks good and between the table setup, the banner and books on display and people hollering "I probed your chicken!" the conventions were both successful!

Mike Williams of Bring Your A Game fame ran at Historicon for us this year and was happy to report everyone had a blast.

I met and schmoozed with some potential new artists and writers as well as a local 3d printer. We have an amazingly cool idea for monsters for the second book of icfbts with the configuration of mutations etc. 
Here are some photos


  1. Hi! Is there any way you can post Larger photos?

  2. Scott thank you very much for pointing this out. I was using the blogger tool on my droid and it appears that it not only messes up sometimes when publishing but it publishes pictures badly including grainy and small textures. I have re-posted the photos and they should be much better now. Thank you Asus (laptop). I am not going to use the blogger tool for my droid again. BTW does anyone know of a good posting tool to use from the droid OS because the blogger tool isn't very good.

  3. I am so sorry that I had to miss Historicon this year. I would have jumped on this game like a duck on a junebug.

  4. J - I was not able to go either but I am happy that we had a presence in the con! These photos are from the games I ran Saturday at Ancient City Con.