Friday, July 27, 2012

BYAG - ICFBTS Game at Historicon

Mike from Bring Your A Game ran a smashing game of It Came From Beyond the Still at Historicon.  Check out his AAR!  Thanks to Mike for running our game and showing the flag!  Look for him at Gencon and look for us at Fall Recruits where I have been given the honor or being the special guest.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shadowrun - Your Princess Is in Another Castle

Shadows of the Pirate’s Cove

Adventure One: Your Princess is in Another Castle
From Our GM (Frank)

It was a bright sunny day in Freeport, Grand Bahamas and our crew was out on West Sunrise Highway in the Main Bazaar tracking down leads on a troll that had not paid the Casino three month’s installment on a gambling debt. This was a simple “friendly” reminder that the bill was due which according to Snake the Casino Agent meant “When you rough him up don’t break any bones, yet.”

Serena got a call from Aims (aims Johnson was the front man for their “benefactors”, an anonymous Corp named Amazonia but we are not supposed to say that Chummer). As usual the “Fek hat hit the Dran” but these urgent drop everything jobs pay. Seems a young Girl “Angela Princess” got herself snatched right on the resort Hotel near the Cruise Liner docks.

The Corp types were in a bind ‘cause she was the daughter of the executive in charge of R&D for their agro and bio pharmacy divisions. They needed a team that was local and a team than could handle magery because whoever it was, was able to crash into a CorpSec resort and had to have some serious mojo on their side. Even Drekkin tagged the lawn like it was the Back Alley slums on the North side.

Well the group stumbled around. Gemini found the first lead by locating their exit route. Pisces did his bird imitation and got there first. They identified the dock and Serena sweet talked the port local to give up the group. The Ogre she was unavailable, she was working in Nassau on a Guard Dog assignment that went south and was incognito. Something unrelated for Amazonia that needed doing, a street samurai is exactly who you need when you need things done. Nough said, Chummer.

Well they hightailed after these bozo’s out to the jungle where there was an old fort built on a small hill. Evidently this was a gang of chipheads and the mage was creepy. He was some kind of toxic shaman that seemed to be able to operate despite wiring himself up. He used some strange tradition that the mana slagger had dreamed up. Still hard to figure how they got past CORPSEC security at a five star resort especially given their tactics amounted to squat less than diddly.

The mages took out two of the crew from a distance but the bodies were seen and an alarm sounded. Their tank raced out, a chromer named Slash. Draped in obvious metal he opened fire on Gemini’s bike firing into nothingness. After being riddled with machine gun bullets he succumbed to the mages lightning bolt. The rest of the chip heads realized that real life ain’t no SIM and racked out of there. The mage Zed and an oversized Orc sneaked out the back when the firefight started but were intercepted by another group, a CorpSec security team, but black ops, not running the beacon of Corp Security. They evidently took little Angela Princess and fragged Zed. The Orc was nowhere to be seen.

In the aftermath Gemini followed the Helicopter from a distance with his drone as long as it could keep up. It landed neatly on a submersible carrier and seemed to be headed for Cuba but who knows where it really ended up. In the aftermath Amazonia called the team and have asked them to investigate. This has become a high priority since the Jolly Rogers appear to be patsies set up for a rival corp. funny how a simple run gets all drekked up in the Shadows huh.

The only problem is that after a day the morgue has announced that the body of Zed was lost.  Something is really creepy about that.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ICFBTS Print on Demand!

It Came From Beyond the Still is now available on wargamevault as a print on demand title!  I ordered a preview of the softcover (23.99 normally 24.99) and the hardcover (29.99) books and both are very good quality.  Their printer Lightning Source did a fantastic job!  One thing I did notice is that it does have a different ISBN than the original book.  I have given our other titles to the printer and expect they will have the books setup for print on demand fairly soon.

In other news layout on ICFBTS III (From Reel to Real) started yesterday!

Print on demand available now!
Get Yours!

Monday, July 23, 2012

There And Back Again - Again

I posted this on my facebook page and after thinking about it I believe it might make a really interesting game. Perhaps an adventure inside of a mobius strip or some type of time vortex?

"If you go where you are going then you will eventually get there before either you were supposed to arrive or you got there before you meant to be late."

Sunday, July 22, 2012

ACG Historicon & Ancient City Con 2012

We had another successful convention in Jacksonville this year.  We ran two games of It Came From Beyond the Still at ACC and one giant fourteen player game at Historicon.

The new banner looks good and between the table setup, the banner and books on display and people hollering "I probed your chicken!" the conventions were both successful!

Mike Williams of Bring Your A Game fame ran at Historicon for us this year and was happy to report everyone had a blast.

I met and schmoozed with some potential new artists and writers as well as a local 3d printer. We have an amazingly cool idea for monsters for the second book of icfbts with the configuration of mutations etc. 
Here are some photos

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shadowrun - Corporate Pirates of the Caribbean

You know the old adage about if you want to know how someone else feels walk a mile in their shoes?  I have been running games so long now that I really needed to experience life from the opposite side of the GM screen. So I did.

We had our first session of our Shadowrun game last night.  The game is a really cool setting of corporate influences nestled in the Caribbean.  The game is being ran by Frank.  We are using the Wizpro/Catalyst edition of the game.

First, let me say how wonderful it is to be playing again!  I really do enjoy Gming and it is in my blood but so is playing and last night I got to do some good roleplaying and only had to do it for one character, mine.  So a big thank you to Frank for running a fantastic game!

Our party consists of our Rigger - Gemini, our Virtual Adept - Serena and our resident mage - Pisces.  Serena and Pisces have an Initiate group and a sanctuary aboard the ship.  We work as registered SINners for Amazonia.  We are quazi corp security and hired guns.

My mage has a mentor spirit of a Megladon whom he lovingly calls Meg or Meggie.  Pisces is from the Lousianna Bayou and is as Cajun as they come.  He is a Shark Shaman. Serena is our VA and the face.  She and Pieces have history with the Yakuza that had made them enemies of the organization. She is of the Native council.Gemini is our Rigger and he uses drones and other cool tech stuff that neither Cher nor I know much about.

The mission started with Ames Johnson setting up a VR session with us to discuss a kidnapping of a businesses contributor's daughter.  Some local Go Gang with Skull and Crossbones images.  We did a little remote research before I shapechanged into a pellican and went to the scene of the crime.

Once at the scene, Geminis drone were hit up by the Governers Police wanting his clearance.  After the imperial entanglement we continued the search which ended with us seeing vid of several chipped out metalheads and a particularly nasty chromehead.  There was something else too, something toxic magic and dangerous.  Our exploration ended with us finding the body of a janitor at a sewer outage to the sea and me speaking with an awakened rock spirit which gave us a sense of where the boat the kidnappers used to escape went.

We followed the lead to the docks on a tipoff from Serenas contacts we learned that the mage Zip was a bad dude.  Cybered out mage with a overly sensitive go gang.

Serena worked her magic at the docks and learned the location of their base from an overly friendly dwarf fisherman.  She also scored us a landrover that was rigged from the same dwarf.The final showdown at the fort.  Serena cast invisibility while Gemini jacked in remotely to his drone and I turned into a racoon.  I still think Gemini was doing doughnuts in the boat at the harbor just to show off that he could be on two places at once.

Serena spotted a sentry at the top of the tower.  I signaled to her in racoon and moved behind cover.  Their base was a old Carribean fort made of stone situated on a hill. We were at the bottom of the hill. I cast increased reflexes and got five hits!  This boosted my init to a nine.  By Geroge I love this system. Quickly, I mana bolted the guy and he went out.  I did the drain roll and took one stun. One down. Next, another guard, oblivious to our presence met anothet of my mana bolts and went down but not before he could sceam the alarm.

Gemini and Serena both got surprise shots off and then the regular rounds started.

Mr cyberhead from the vid exited the building pulling transformer moves with his cyber arms and other stuff.  Then the toxic mage tried to blast Serena but her.counter was successful.  The chipheads opened fire, causing very little damage.

Gemini used his heavy weapons to chip away at cyberdude.  Then I blasted cyberface with lightning and got eight hits!  He was toast!

Serena shot and eliminated a guard and then somemore chipheads came out and flamed the place but not before zip and crew rushed the hill with the package.

Thats when some black helo arrived and vulcan minicannoned everyone and extracted the package while we watched.

The game ended with us being paid 20000 nuyen and the mission to be continued.

excellent game!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

WTNW - In Small Scale Confirmed

Just a quick note to tell you all that I spoke with my sculptor last night and we have a green light for the When the Navy Walked army boxes in 6mm.  It is my plan to release a few at a time with an MSRP between 50-70 USD.  Each boxed set would contain all of the units for each army as described in the book.  This will literally allow you to get into the game by picking up the core book and an army box and jump right in!  We have also expanded our writing team to include some promising talent! More details coming soon.

Happy Gaming!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dinosaurs, Tripods and Landships oh My!

Rick and his son came over today and I was able to show them the game When the Navy Walked. When they got here I told them both to pick a theme and Rick picked dinosaurs while Ethan picked British. I pulled out the units for the British Northern Colonial Army from the main core book and the units for the Aztec army from Earthin. They both setup on the table across from one another. The table was already setup with terrain featuring woods to the East and a mining town to the West with hills beyond the town. The British objective was to capture the town and the Aztec's objective was total destruction of the invaders.
They seemed to get the mechanics fairly easy although I actually goofed (yeah I wrote it I know) with the command point generation and allowed them to roll a die six for every two units that they had instead of just giving an additional command point per every two units. We used the movement costs command points rule as well.

After setting up and going through a turn of movement the father and son took to the game fairly quickly and began by shooting volleys of fire at one another. Rick maneuvered his troops into the field while the British broke into skirmish and approached the same field. The behemoth thunder lizard was moved into position and the Littleton landship was moved behind the houses.

The following turn had more trading of fire and casualties on both ends including a routed British Ganges rifle battalion and several wounded raptor knights. The thunder lizard made quick work of another British Ganges rifle unit and then plowed into the leader. Unfortunately for Ethan he was unable to get the required 10 hits to cause the behemoth damage! He kept rolling nine hits with the Littleton and his units. This would spell defeat for the British as the Aztec line troops stayed far out of the fight and Rick engaged the British with the dinosaur and his raptor knights.

The final photo below shows the behemoth dinosaur and the raptor knights (used ww1 cav as proxy) against the Littleton landship. The British onboard were heard to exclaim "Well, now, that's night rightly good is it?" before they were captured and fed to the giant alligators that are common around the mining town.

The second game had Frank playing the Yuan Dynasty on raptors versus my Overlord Invasion force from the Conflict on Mars book. I used the Rebel Miniatures Tripods which are official 15mm of the game and are available from their site! The big one works very well as the deathwalker. The UFOs are from Gavin's line at 15mmuk.

We again used the alternate command points rules but correctly this time. This game I decided that since Frank had maneuverability and I knew about how dangerous those mongols were in hand to hand I decided to sit back, form a line, and use my superior martian weapons at range. This proved to be an advantage as I was able to take out his creature unit from a distance knocking out one creature with a critical concussion and another a few turns later during the melee round with my gray line troops.

The enemy dinosaur chomped up the other gray line troops while I used the three tripods in tandem against the Yuan raptor cavalry which unfortunately Frank placed behind his creature units effectively blocking their line of fire to my line units. The Yuan therefore concentrated their firepower on my tripod units and although they did score several hits against the grays and eliminated one of the scout ufos they were unable to defeat the Overlords this day!

Cool Pointers: Use small poker chips as activation markers. Write an A on one side on about half of your chips. Then mark all units each phase. Reveal at the start of the phase. This way neither side knows what the other is doing! Thanks Rick for this awesome idea! It really worked well and I had forgotten that I had those poker chips in the garage (game room)! They sure beat using the big cards.

Dragonlance - 100 Years - DragonSpine Airship

The lizardmen/Yuanti story arc was ended climatically last night in a final battle over the trapped soul of the Irida.  The party under the leadership tactics of the knight was able to make a concentrated strike against the yuanti who had been caught with their tails down in a chamber at the end of a former gnomeish smithy.

During the exploration phase of the game the party encountered several electric traps and a giant Jacob's ladder as well as redundant welcoming and warning signs, whistles, chimes and alarms. The final battle with the Yuanti was ended with a combined effort of force, magic and sheer guts.

The loot from the gnomish stronghold was shared but the icing on the cake was that a crashed airship was found in an abandoned part of the cavern complex that that party was able to make fly.  I used the OGL steampunk book and my own When the Navy Walked ideas to create an airship that was a cross between the Virginia CSA ironclad and a river paddle steamer.  The end result had the party investigating and finally salvaging the ship for themselves.  What new adventures await?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Victorian Adventurers

My buddy Keith lent me his Victorian Adventurers rpg book.  From the start I was very impressed.  The game uses a simple mechanic whereby you pick up a handful of dice and before rolling declare even or odd.  After rolling the dice you count those that rolled whatever you declared as successes.  This type of mechanic may work well for a Wtnw rpg.  What tools or mechanics would you want to see in a wtnw rpg?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

When the Navy Walked - Microarmor

The Future of WTNW?
Ever since I was a little kid playing WWII Quikreig (homebrew rules) with my dad  I can remember playing microarmor. Heck, I still have all of those microarmor minis from GHQ, CinC, Scotia and other companies in my gaming room. What I like about them is that you can really play big battles. Check out my microarmor labels to see some of the games we have played using this fascinating scale.

I have always liked microarmor for large scale battles and what is When the Navy Walked but a large scale battle game?  At first I was hesitant to do smaller scale because I honestly did not want to step on the toes of the Brigade Game's 2mm VSF for the Wessex games but after seeing the success of Dystopian Wars and because of my own desire I have decided to go ahead and give the go ahead to start work on 1/285 scale When the Navy Walked army packs.

These packs will follow the army lists in the When the Navy Walked Core book by section. In each box there will be a leader, ground units, special units or artillery, machines and perhaps a capital unit.  Due to the small size of these figures we will be able to offer the boxed sets at a very reasonable price!  I am still playing with the details but we are also contemplating releasing these boxed sets with counters for the order markers and condition markers for the game. 

Also due to the smaller size we will be able to show the true scale of these giant leviathans in our game when compared next to the infantry. The average capital unit will be between 2" to 5" in size!  I am very excited about this news and personally believe that this scale will suit the game very well. 

By the way, we also have plans to do the airships from the Airships and Skypirates books at a later date but are planning on releasing the British and German faction as early as Spring of 2013!

Some FAQs
"What about the infantry?" 
Good question.  The infantry will be based on stands. There will be various numbers based on these stands but the core rule of three casualties still applies in all cases and the additional infantry will be on the stand to represent the larger units on the field. Three casualties will still remove a stand.

The formations, etc of the infantry also still applies and is just as easy to form with 6mm stands as it is with 15mm or 28mm stands.

"What about distances in the game? Isn't WTNW written for 15mm?"
Yes and no. WTNW was written with many scales in mind which is why we used the term 'stand' instead of unit and we purposefully kept the unit basing to generic sizes as described in the core book.  To handle distances in the game using 6mm we have found that 1/2 movement and keeping all other distances the same (including command range) seems to play out very well.

Currently we are going with Brad Shier of Frozen Planet and Jeff of Fortress Figures to sculpt and cast these miniatures.

Anymore questions? Please feel free to ask. I am more than happy to talk about this great news!

Happy Gaming!