Friday, June 22, 2012

When the Navy Walked in 6mm

Recently I have been discussing the idea of creating a full line of miniatures for WTNW in six millimeters.  The benefits would be that the landships, machines, behemoths and monsters should be to scale.  The other big benefit wild be that it would be cheap to field entire divisions on the battlefield.

Is this something you would buy?  I ask as now that I have some time to mull it over I am considering a few options for production that may indeed rival even the great Dystopian Wars.

Wtnw Earthin the Hollow World should be out next week if not tonight!

I eagerly await your responses.

Update: WTNW Earthin is available NOW!


  1. I would certainly be keen for good quality 6mm models for the WTNW universe!

  2. Hey buddy! Care to extrapolate further on this? What would you like to see?