Friday, June 29, 2012

Superdungeon - Defect

As Quinlan completed his magistrate duties and contemplated his new marriage to Tyne a messenger delivered a note. "Sir, this is from the outlands. One of the demon kingdom towers."

Amused, Quinlan picked though the letters contents. It was clear, the officer of the garrison at Firespike Tower 114 wanted to defect to the Acyti. The organization had grown strong and was already attracting new blood, but the enemy?

The officer left instructions on following an underground passage that would take the party to the north woods of the tower. It could and almost certainly a trap. Still, the information that could be obtained was too good to pass.

"Get the others. We are going hunting."
The party treked for hours though the under dark until they came upon a surprised cult of Malar worshipping Bugbears and Hobgoblins in the middle of eating lunch. The farmers daughter was on the menu and immediatly the party attacked with knights of the Raven, Silver and mages from Candlekeep.

The enemy wizard put up a blade barrier and already was protected by globe invulnerability. Groshdek was his name, a ruthless wizard and lycanthrope feared thoughout the lands... He was tough and he wasn't alone.

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