Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ICFBTS - Faction Sheets

I have had our layout artist put together some faction sheets for both of the current books. These faction sheets list the faction members as well as the cool powers for the factions on one handy sheet for each faction.  As a bonus we've included the faction's symbol that represents the faction. The faction symbols are as follows: McCoys: Pig, Hatfields: Limber, Grays: UFO, Cephs: Squid, Blobs: Splat, MIB: Sunglasses, MIP: Sheep, Revenuers: Sledge, Grangers: Goat, O'Dairys: Cow, Meddling Kids: Magnifying Glass, Cultists: Hand Holding Knife, Zombies: Severed Arm.

Here's the link! You get all 16 factions for only 2.50! That's a heck of a steal!

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