Thursday, June 28, 2012

Go Boldly

Well obviously many of us have strong opinions one way or the other about the healthcare stuff but this leads me to another question - one which I have covered in the past. Why do we game? I think that for one reason we game because deep down inside each of us we know that there’s a better way. We also all know that living in a fantasy world largely beats the heck out of living in the real one. So why then we do allow ourselves to be collected into right and left camps when we all really want to create new and interesting worlds for each other to explore?

Does it really matter at the end of the day which camp we are in so long as we are building the world together? In some fantasy worlds that is the idea and others are more politically charged atmospheres almost in mimic of our own world. What then can we do as individual gamers who want to share our individual thoughts and individual ideas with one another? We create new worlds.

So following on the footsteps of the great Gene Rodenberry I recommended we go boldly. Should we question the motives of our leaders? Absolutely. Can we agree to disagree? Time will tell. What we should absolutely do and never stop doing is create new and better places to live in our imaginations.

Thank you all for participating in my last question. I now return you to your normally scheduled DM and Player advice blog filled with gaming geekiness and fun.


  1. Hmmm, one of the main reasons I play, probably more than the building new fantasy worlds thing, is to do that very same thing, with friends. yes this can lead to occasional arguments (and I don't mean screaming and shouting, I mean conversations which start at a disagreement and both sides try to come to a consensus from their own side using logic and the skills of debate), but I think we are better from them.

    being on the other side of the pond, the health care thing never rears its head but we have plenty of financial problems which have a root in politics and what the leading parties are doing to currently stem the tide of financial meltdown. Do we reach a consensus every Tuesday evening? No, but each person leaves having being informed on something about the other side of the coin.

    I distinctly remember a very long argument with a young earth creationist friend, who after several hours had had a whole world opened up to him involving paleoclimatology and ice core sampling that led him to question his beliefs.

    Sometimes it's the arguments that move us on.

  2. I would say the best discussions get all parties to think outside of their norms so if your friend got you to thinking as well and questioning your beliefs then it is a productive discussion.

  3. Gee...

    My X girlfriend said it was because I was a pathetic loser...

    Ha Ha! Boy was she wrong - - Wink!

  4. Having weighed in on the previous discussion i guess i will weigh in here. As things go on the otherside of the pond it is infact the current state of things within this group of welfare socialist states of various religious backgrounds and make up that are in fact facing a financial meltdown because of broad socialist proframs like healthcare/pensions/etc. Witness the recent riots in France last year when it was suggested that the retirement age be raised to 62. Greece whose economy is in a shambles, Spain with a 50% unemployment for its young people. Italy still fully influenced by the Vatican and Catholic Church. Personally I find great comfort in my creationist faith. Science is imperfect at best. Faith has its place in society. Secular humanism does not have all the answers. What amazes is how much suc authors as Isaac Asimov were right in some of their predictions in their writings. While we may not ne driving jetsons flying cars. Our world is turning more and more in Asimov's world of Solaria. Limited human contact and more and more social isolation via computer. Face to face becomes less and less as some folks prefer living online 24/7.
    Granted the internet is great for quick and useful communication. But face to face human interaction is still the best. Just as Human exploration of space is preferable to robots.