Monday, June 4, 2012

Four Days till Rapier 2012

Someone brought up a good point on TMP today. They said why do we have dumpy hotels at cons? I answered the post but it got me to thinking that it would be interesting to hear about their worst con hotel experiences.

I find that the nice regional conventions tend to be in OK hotels. Rapiercon in Jacksonville, FL (THIS WEEKEND) for instance is in the Clarion at the International Airport and the hotel is not the best but they give us cheaper rates and the food is actually pretty good. I am hoping that this year under new management it will outshine previous years.

We've had pretty much everything that could go bad with that hotel and their solution was to shuffle rooms. OK but that didn't fix the one non-working elevator (they have a total of two). Then there was the fact that the food wasn't as readily available in the middle area as they said it would.  This year though we are assured that they will do better. Well honestly we get the entire hotel and we aren't having to shell out too much money for it this year so it's not a bad deal! So come on out and support the convention, crummy hotel and all. Who knows, maybe this weekend will be a total 180 from previous years hotel stays?

Then there are the hotels that are at Dragoncons and Gencons which are much more pricey but tend to be of much higher quality. Personally I couldn't care either way as long as the bed is not full of bugs - or worse - and I get enough sleep to get ready to go back and play again in the morning. Then, there's also the fact that the more you spend on hotels the less you have to spend on gaming toys at the show.

I hope to see many many of at Rapier this weekend!

So what's your worst con hotel experience?

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