Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dragonlance - The Trail of Scales

The party spent the first half of the evening in the same room as their encounter with the lizardmen and after deducing clues and putting a few things together they were able to determine that this was a Yuan-ti cult!  Both Kas and the Knight used their powers of observation and found several trapped flagstones which were scarred on the far side of the wall by the alter.  Across from the altar on the opposite side of the big chasm was a hidden panel in a hollow in the wall - pulling the handle (after finding trapped blowgun dart with death adder poison) revealed a secret entrance that slammed down in the form of a drawbridge-type wall opening slamming onto the flagstones.

Once inside they came to a natural cavern complex that they had to use some extreme dungeoneering to get through without slipping and hurting themselves.  The caverns were lit with a magical purplish flame that screamed to them dark elves (evil elves in Dragonlance are not Drow).

At once they came to a crossroads of four winding passages and followed the one where the footprints led hoping to catch their quarry.  A tight squeeze followed as they made their way through a four foot wide gap and the centaur scraped himself on the close quarters.  They emerged some twenty feet later into a massive natural cavern chock full of spider webs!

A quick look around by several party members did not reveal anything but when the knight approached the spider webs he was ambushed from behind the webs by a huge ogre spider! The fight was on! As the party quickly poured into the room to do battle with the beast four medium sized spiders appeared from the web and attacked Kas the kender.  Kas being dexterous was able to defeat one of the beasts in the second turn while the others lumped on him and on the brave centaur Firenaze who rushed at the huge spider heedless of his own life.  The blinded knight moved back from the deadly hit and a trail of blood followed from the valiant soul from the critical hit caused by the sneaky huge spider as he used the vanish spell to wait until he could see once more.

The battle raged on, Galandra the witch and Talane providing artillery in the form of spells which were lobbed into the room, destroying webbing and spiders alike as more poured forth from the walls. Xochtil the Irda healer of Mishakal leaped into action to heal her friends as Firenaze and his sword Zane cleaved into the huge spider and he took several defeating blows that caused him to crumple to the ground. Meanwhile, Delilah let loose with hails of arrows from within the cavern at the massive spider.

After four rounds Kas had defeated the smaller spiders and the party had saved their friend Firenaze but not before the huge spider was able to inflict damage on the party and call upon two of its swarming babies to harrass both the Irda and centaur.  In the end, a flaming sphere tossed by Glendra helped in defeating the spider. Telane and Xochtil made quick work of the swarm and the knight, vision restored, helped chop the remaining pieces of spider to even smaller pieces.

After the battle was over, the party decided they needed to rest but the Irda insisted that there was not time since they had a dying Irda with soul ties hidden in that evil knife which she now knew was a Yuan-ti had stabbed her with during that ceremony. The party made haste and after thirty minutes of clearing the cabin and encountering a few mimics with treasure learned that this was a dead end.

Quickly they turned and followed a different path which took them to a swampy exterior filled.  The keen eyes spotted an ancient creature, a triceratops eating a distance away.  The swamp was filled with ruins and trees upon which small islands of mud revealed the prints of their quarry.  Ahead of them they also saw a rock formation on which was carved ruins radiating faint energy. Using spellcraft they learned it was conjuration magic - a teleportation device!

Then they were ambushed by a horde of lizardmen.  At first the centaur flew into action but was beaten back by the sheer numbers of the monsters. The knight and Kas were able to fell one of the massive blackscale lizardmen, Deliah's arrows prooved to be just as deadly as ever, Talene used her rifle to pick many off and Xochtil scored a critical hit on a blackscale lizardman that broke his arm!  Galendra realized however that the battle was eventually going to bring them a swift end and as more lizardmen and troglodytes emerged from the swam,p retreating into the ruined stone and activating the teleporter seemed the only way out...


  1. Wow, Friggin' awesome terrain!!!

  2. Thanks Brutorz! I like to use all kinds of stuff in my games and that includes the RPGs. Now if I can just figure out how to put together these buildings of Malifaux so I can put them with my Miniature Building Authority buildings for the next game.