Friday, June 1, 2012

The Dragonlance Knights Who Say

Well last weekend that we were supposed to play the Dragonlance game my son got sick and we had to cancel. Tonight the game continues however and as I have been watching the History Channel's Hatfield and McCoy I think it is high time for a fued in Kenderhome.

That's right because tonight I will run a game that will involve gnomes taking up arms against kenders for the rights to call an invention Ni whereas the Kender want to call the invention Na.

I may also have a group of rogue Knights who say Ni make an appearance as well as a werepig named Johnse. Should be a hoot and a half!

By the way, I know I have been somewhat remiss in DM or Player advice articles. This is largely due to the final work on Wtnw Earthin as well as the convention prep for our demo teams for Aliens vs Hillbillies. We are looking for two more teams if anyone is interested drop me a line here. I would like to get one in the NE and one in the NW. At any rate the next DM advice article will be covering using rain, snow and other effects during your game.

Also, the kickstarter is just about over so if you want to get your hands on done prime minis and rules get over there!



  1. I might be willing to demo in the NW. I live near Seattle. However, I am just starting on my collection. What would be involved?

  2. Sounds excellent. Email me at