Saturday, June 30, 2012

ICFBTS III - That's a Wrap

Well gang I just finished putting the final touches on everything in Reel to Real except for the scenarios. I will need playtesters. If you playtest your name goes in the book. If you contributed to kickstarter. Your name goes in this book. BTW, I am waiting on the final pieces from Brad and then I am shipping our your stuff via mail. If you want to be a playtester I will require an NDA as common courtesy but I value your feedback. Let me know! When James gets back from Gencon he's putting the final art together for this book and it should be available in August as planned!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Superdungeon - Defect

As Quinlan completed his magistrate duties and contemplated his new marriage to Tyne a messenger delivered a note. "Sir, this is from the outlands. One of the demon kingdom towers."

Amused, Quinlan picked though the letters contents. It was clear, the officer of the garrison at Firespike Tower 114 wanted to defect to the Acyti. The organization had grown strong and was already attracting new blood, but the enemy?

The officer left instructions on following an underground passage that would take the party to the north woods of the tower. It could and almost certainly a trap. Still, the information that could be obtained was too good to pass.

"Get the others. We are going hunting."
The party treked for hours though the under dark until they came upon a surprised cult of Malar worshipping Bugbears and Hobgoblins in the middle of eating lunch. The farmers daughter was on the menu and immediatly the party attacked with knights of the Raven, Silver and mages from Candlekeep.

The enemy wizard put up a blade barrier and already was protected by globe invulnerability. Groshdek was his name, a ruthless wizard and lycanthrope feared thoughout the lands... He was tough and he wasn't alone.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Go Boldly

Well obviously many of us have strong opinions one way or the other about the healthcare stuff but this leads me to another question - one which I have covered in the past. Why do we game? I think that for one reason we game because deep down inside each of us we know that there’s a better way. We also all know that living in a fantasy world largely beats the heck out of living in the real one. So why then we do allow ourselves to be collected into right and left camps when we all really want to create new and interesting worlds for each other to explore?

Does it really matter at the end of the day which camp we are in so long as we are building the world together? In some fantasy worlds that is the idea and others are more politically charged atmospheres almost in mimic of our own world. What then can we do as individual gamers who want to share our individual thoughts and individual ideas with one another? We create new worlds.

So following on the footsteps of the great Gene Rodenberry I recommended we go boldly. Should we question the motives of our leaders? Absolutely. Can we agree to disagree? Time will tell. What we should absolutely do and never stop doing is create new and better places to live in our imaginations.

Thank you all for participating in my last question. I now return you to your normally scheduled DM and Player advice blog filled with gaming geekiness and fun.

Affordable Care Act

A question for the gamer community. Do you think that FLGS will be able to pay the tax or keep health insurance on their employees? I personally am against the government being allowed to force people to pay for a service but I can see some regulation in the bill which may be for the good. The problem though is what is going to happen to small business? Will they have to close their doors forever?

We are getting a GW store in town. Is this going to force out the smaller guys because they can pay insurance? Probably but I really hope not. I have known these guys at the FLGS for my entire life and they put their blood, sweat and tears into it. The owner of the closest one to my house, Borderlands, spends six sometimes seven days a week at the office putting in his time and effort to keep his business going so he can cater to comic affectionados and gamers alike.

Think about it. Does your local FLGS carry insurance on their employees? Do you think that they could afford it if they were forced to do so? Could they afford the 2,000 fine (tax) that is incurred if they do not? Are we helping to get rid of small business by giving the government more power?

I apologize that these are politically charged questions and while I have worked very hard to keep my own personal opinions of politics outside of this blog and from my company in general I do have to wonder what is the future of this company and of other small businesses.

Feel free to speak up. I ask that everyone remain peaceful and calm although I understand the current of the situation is a very hot tempered one. I would like to keep the conversation specifically toward FLGS and what people think might happen as a result of today's passing of this bill as constitutional.  Thank you.

Update: You guys might be interested in this. I did a little reading of the 2400 page law and found this:
"‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—The term ‘eligible small employer’
means, with respect to any taxable year, an employer—
‘‘(A) which has no more than 25 full-time equivalent
employees for the taxable year, "...
It appears that the actual amount for a 'small employer' to receive a tax credit (they still get the penalty and still get charged) is 25.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DM Advice: Dungeons and Wet Dragons

“It’s wet and all these monsters are trying to get us!” said the scantily clad red-haired woman with the long sword and fiery temper.

“Let’s set up over on those rocks. Maybe we can use them as a place to hide.” pondered the surprisingly brain induced barbarian who had recently ate his Wheaties.

“Ah but we need to make sure that we’re out of the rain.” replied the all-knowing all seeing wizard elf guy who always got on everyone’s nerves.

At once as if out of thin air the dragon approached.  “Rain or no rain we’re in it over our heads.” Chided the wizard. “Ya think?” said the red head. “Smash” replied the barbarian, now out of special brain juice.

It’s times like these that we as DMs REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY love to turn up the adventure by changing the rain to a deluge.  How does this affect the game though one might ask? 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fall Recruits

I have been invited to Fall Recruits as a special guest. We will have games available for sale and I will be running ICFBTS and possibly WTNW. Are any of you going?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Combat in ICFBTS

There is apparently some amount of confusion on how combat works in the game. I apologize for this and will try to explain it more succinctly.

The number of dice rolled is listed on the weapon on the faction sheet.

Roll the dice listed. For instance, Grandpa's shot gun does 3d6. Roll 3d6 and compare the dice rolled individually to the target's Hit Me score.

For every rolled number at or above the targets Hit Me score, they take a wound unless they are in cover, in which case their Hit Me score is increased by one to max of 6.

Therefore each die has the potential to cause a single wound.

There is no roll to hit then roll to wound and dice are not added together.

I hope this helps.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dragonlance - The Trail of Scales

The party spent the first half of the evening in the same room as their encounter with the lizardmen and after deducing clues and putting a few things together they were able to determine that this was a Yuan-ti cult!  Both Kas and the Knight used their powers of observation and found several trapped flagstones which were scarred on the far side of the wall by the alter.  Across from the altar on the opposite side of the big chasm was a hidden panel in a hollow in the wall - pulling the handle (after finding trapped blowgun dart with death adder poison) revealed a secret entrance that slammed down in the form of a drawbridge-type wall opening slamming onto the flagstones.

Once inside they came to a natural cavern complex that they had to use some extreme dungeoneering to get through without slipping and hurting themselves.  The caverns were lit with a magical purplish flame that screamed to them dark elves (evil elves in Dragonlance are not Drow).

At once they came to a crossroads of four winding passages and followed the one where the footprints led hoping to catch their quarry.  A tight squeeze followed as they made their way through a four foot wide gap and the centaur scraped himself on the close quarters.  They emerged some twenty feet later into a massive natural cavern chock full of spider webs!

A quick look around by several party members did not reveal anything but when the knight approached the spider webs he was ambushed from behind the webs by a huge ogre spider! The fight was on! As the party quickly poured into the room to do battle with the beast four medium sized spiders appeared from the web and attacked Kas the kender.  Kas being dexterous was able to defeat one of the beasts in the second turn while the others lumped on him and on the brave centaur Firenaze who rushed at the huge spider heedless of his own life.  The blinded knight moved back from the deadly hit and a trail of blood followed from the valiant soul from the critical hit caused by the sneaky huge spider as he used the vanish spell to wait until he could see once more.

Friday, June 22, 2012

When the Navy Walked in 6mm

Recently I have been discussing the idea of creating a full line of miniatures for WTNW in six millimeters.  The benefits would be that the landships, machines, behemoths and monsters should be to scale.  The other big benefit wild be that it would be cheap to field entire divisions on the battlefield.

Is this something you would buy?  I ask as now that I have some time to mull it over I am considering a few options for production that may indeed rival even the great Dystopian Wars.

Wtnw Earthin the Hollow World should be out next week if not tonight!

I eagerly await your responses.

Update: WTNW Earthin is available NOW!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Science Fiction

Scifi has many variations. For instance, Star Wars could be classified as science fantasy whereas star trek could be classified as science fiction and Starship Troopers (book) could be called hard science.fiction. What are your favorites and what do you classify them as?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dragon with a hangnail

Friday the group was asked by capt Frost to check out the Lizardmen zigguraut in the fens. They interrupted the middle of a ritual and saved an irda. I used the crit hit and crit fumble decks and the dragon missed a flyby attack, fumbled and I drew the hangnail. It was hilarious. This game was a blast and had mystery, magic and a little comedy and horror.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Sorry that this week has been so quiet. I am in Miami on business and have been working on Reel to Real and finishing up the kickstarter. Thank you to all who contributed to make it successful!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The movie blob!

Every ICFBTS game we ran was full! The big one had fifteen players! What a great turnout. Great job Fonzie playing the Revenuers and taking out the FursterVision Silver Scream Beam!
Here are some photos from the games.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vayamos esta la pollo loco

As I get ready to end my work day and start convention prep for Rapiercon those words seem to sum it all up nicely.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ICFBTS - Faction Sheets

I have had our layout artist put together some faction sheets for both of the current books. These faction sheets list the faction members as well as the cool powers for the factions on one handy sheet for each faction.  As a bonus we've included the faction's symbol that represents the faction. The faction symbols are as follows: McCoys: Pig, Hatfields: Limber, Grays: UFO, Cephs: Squid, Blobs: Splat, MIB: Sunglasses, MIP: Sheep, Revenuers: Sledge, Grangers: Goat, O'Dairys: Cow, Meddling Kids: Magnifying Glass, Cultists: Hand Holding Knife, Zombies: Severed Arm.

Here's the link! You get all 16 factions for only 2.50! That's a heck of a steal!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Four Days till Rapier 2012

Someone brought up a good point on TMP today. They said why do we have dumpy hotels at cons? I answered the post but it got me to thinking that it would be interesting to hear about their worst con hotel experiences.

I find that the nice regional conventions tend to be in OK hotels. Rapiercon in Jacksonville, FL (THIS WEEKEND) for instance is in the Clarion at the International Airport and the hotel is not the best but they give us cheaper rates and the food is actually pretty good. I am hoping that this year under new management it will outshine previous years.

We've had pretty much everything that could go bad with that hotel and their solution was to shuffle rooms. OK but that didn't fix the one non-working elevator (they have a total of two). Then there was the fact that the food wasn't as readily available in the middle area as they said it would.  This year though we are assured that they will do better. Well honestly we get the entire hotel and we aren't having to shell out too much money for it this year so it's not a bad deal! So come on out and support the convention, crummy hotel and all. Who knows, maybe this weekend will be a total 180 from previous years hotel stays?

Then there are the hotels that are at Dragoncons and Gencons which are much more pricey but tend to be of much higher quality. Personally I couldn't care either way as long as the bed is not full of bugs - or worse - and I get enough sleep to get ready to go back and play again in the morning. Then, there's also the fact that the more you spend on hotels the less you have to spend on gaming toys at the show.

I hope to see many many of at Rapier this weekend!

So what's your worst con hotel experience?

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Dragonlance Knights Who Say

Well last weekend that we were supposed to play the Dragonlance game my son got sick and we had to cancel. Tonight the game continues however and as I have been watching the History Channel's Hatfield and McCoy I think it is high time for a fued in Kenderhome.

That's right because tonight I will run a game that will involve gnomes taking up arms against kenders for the rights to call an invention Ni whereas the Kender want to call the invention Na.

I may also have a group of rogue Knights who say Ni make an appearance as well as a werepig named Johnse. Should be a hoot and a half!

By the way, I know I have been somewhat remiss in DM or Player advice articles. This is largely due to the final work on Wtnw Earthin as well as the convention prep for our demo teams for Aliens vs Hillbillies. We are looking for two more teams if anyone is interested drop me a line here. I would like to get one in the NE and one in the NW. At any rate the next DM advice article will be covering using rain, snow and other effects during your game.

Also, the kickstarter is just about over so if you want to get your hands on done prime minis and rules get over there!