Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Superdungeon Attack on the Tower

It has been one year since Errtu arrived and the Abyssal Gate opened in southern Amn.  Now the party had decided to test the defenses of the fledgling demon empire by attacking one of the border forts still under construction. The attack was led by Tyne and their bronze dragon Azephil.  After a few minutes the.border fort lay in ruins and a small garrison of demonic and zhent followers lay among the dead.

The party attacked on several fronts causing confusion among the guards. Sigrid took on a succubus and.other.than a few hits with her whip the succubus did not fare well against the fighter.  Contingency the drow from Ebbron cast cloud kill and the zhents were toast.  The bard Quinlan and her escorts peppered the fort.with a hail of arrows and acted as medics. The demon hunter cleric and zen archer took their side without much resistance at all.

The fort was protected by a pair of mages, a small garrison, six zhents, Max a tiefling antipalidan, and a master wizard who summoned two succubus and an ice demon to defend the.keep. The party walked away living their wounds but the fort lay in rubble leaving only one answer to their question - the demon empire can be defeated!

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