Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pathfinder - Skybattle

As our heros neared Kenderhome their lookout spotted three Lizardmen airships in the distance but closing fast! The party and crew of the Harkangel did a good job fighting off the lizardmen and Draconians. The battle lasted three full minutes worth of combat rounds in which spells, cannons, and arrows were exchanged. In the end only the larger of the ships crippled away into the night sky.

The party captured one lizardmen crew and forced him using magic to tell them why the lizardmen where after the party. The pitiful creature told them that the demons which were awoken by the humans who they helped escape fein the swamp demanded their spelljammer helm back. In further investigation including a blood walk spell the party learned that the big bad demon was in fact a fiendish greater barghast and not the baylor he impersonated.

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