Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ma Hatfield vs the Giant Radioactive Blob

Well today's playtest was fantastic! The titanians silver scream beam and.cold fusion weapons brought forth all manner of nasty BMovie greatness. We were able to test the rules for the Weedies, Titanians, Giant Radioactive Blob and the Yetis.

We played several games all paying about an hour. The effects went well too with Tornado  Buttered Popcorn being what we pulled. The last game.featured a tornado and the Giant Radioactive Blob. The Hillbillies had to work hard to defeat the blob.

In all I only had to make a slight change to how the Blob worked and everything else worked very well.

The tornado as well as the blob will be special order items but yes you will be able to get them.

Thanks to everyone for coming. Building by Miniature Building Authority.


  1. Fan-damn-tastic! Looks great and looks like a lot of fun, too! And we'll be able to get our grubby paws on the GRB and the popcorn tornado? What god did I please?

  2. Thank you Chris! Yes they will both be available in our specials line. There is so much more we have in store so stay tuned yer gonna be happy fer sure. Grandpa McCoy says "That varmit blob thing ate Ma! Well guess we'll have to find another woman. Where did those cephs go? They had a lot of our wimmen folk."