Thursday, May 10, 2012

ICFBTS - Introducing the Factions!

Kickstarter is Back!

That's right we're well on our way to getting these guys sculpted up by Fortress Figs by August so we have re-launched the kickstarter with a much less lofty goal of $500.00.  I am sure we can do this and I have faith that we will be able to do even better now that everyone can see how awesome our sculptors work is going to be for this project! In this kickstarter backers will get to choose their very own customizable factions when the project is funded up to one of each depending on their level of backing.  That's right! You get to choose your very own faction. If you want the Hatfields, McCoys, Cephs, Grays or Blobs all you have to do is ask. Here's what we're planning

Six Hatfields including Rex the dog!
Six McCoys
The entire Gray landing party including Neuron and the Giant Robot!
All of the Blobs on the list (and certain backers will get Jr!)
Three Cephs and two tripods (Harvester and Warmachine)

This is just the start though folks because if we can meet our goals with this kickstarter we will be able to continue on and start with the Men in Black, Men in Plaid and the Revenuers! We will be able to offer ALL of the factions for the first book. That's not all though because if we start reaching stretch goals we're going to commit to sculpting the Zombies, Cultists, Granger, O'Dairy's, Meddling Kids, MIPs, MIB and Revenuers from book two as well!

We're not done yet! We also have THREE more books planned to release within this year and early next year including The Big Top Edition, The Missing Link and From Reel to Real! It doesn't get anymore hillbilly/redneck versus aliens and all sorts of beer and pretzel craziness than this!

So you want a good game that's a lot of fun to play without the fuss of a million rules AND the figures to play? Well step right up and join our kickstarter! Grandpa McCoy is counting on ye!

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