Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Breaking into Fiction

I just completed my first work of fiction that is not specifically designed for a game. This is the story of Andy, a thirteen year old boy who is trying to juggle high school, classes and girls. His dad's a crackpot archaeologist and his mom is in the loony bin.  This is the coming of age story about a young man whose life is falling apart and amid the chaos of school he has to contend with a darkness that is in his own soul.  Will the darkness consume him or will he triumph over the fractured world he has created?

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Thank you!


  1. Congrats Robert nothing can be better then to see your self in print - even if it is electronic media - Glad to see your continually moving forward in your enterprise - sorry to see you decided not to go to Historicon - which would open endless gamers to your products Not in your immediate area. Cheers David

    PS - I had 9 folks at my Cinco de Mayo activities as soon as I get them immersed into the horse and musket - I will start into other periods like the ww1 Blue Max and your VSF rules being younger they may absorb your concepts a little quicker then this mind does.

  2. I will have several demo teams running the games at all major cons this year. Thanks for the well wishes

  3. Oh SO you are having your product demoed at historicon? good show - huzzah etc etc etc,