Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beholder - gone in sixty seconds

The twelfth level superdungeon party decided to try to catch the patrol that had left the fort before they attacked it. Using the knowledge of Robert the Captain turned prisoner they avoided the double back and arrived safely at the meeting place where a Beholder and his group were plotting on attacking nearby settlements.

The sneaky party caught the force by surprise! I rolled a three for the deepwood snipers on sentry and a two for both the beholder and illithid.

Fifty eight points to the beholder before it even acted and the combination of fireball from bard and lightning bolt from their dragon cohort toasted the illithid. Fun game!


  1. Surprise is a wonderful thing. I remember playing in a party where everybody was part rogue except the bard (and they are just rogues with lutes). Our standard MO was to pop out in the surpriese round, tmbling like cirque de soleil to flank everybody and finishing off the biggest threats before they got a chance to act.

  2. Philo that's pretty much what happened! One of the players is a duelist/shadow dancer/rogue/mage type that is all kinds of sneaky. Then we have a Zen archer dwarf who took out the deepwood sniper/arcane archer/mage guy. Next time I might have to have two beholders. :D