Sunday, May 6, 2012

At 15,000 Feet

Below is an exerpt from a book I am currently working on.
It was dark and their searchlights could not possibly hope to penetrate the shadow shields we had placed around our fleet of ten strong airships. At an altitude of well above their sentries ability to detect we sat motionless over their city waiting for our spies to return on with the location of their hangers. My second in command, an old balding man named Rudolph looked down from our command platform into the control rooms below barking out my orders. He was a good lapdog and his quick insight to the minds of the Terrans had proved decisive in more than one battle.

The tide of battle was quickly turning and several of the enemy ships were splintered by the powerful blasters from the airship fleet. A loud siren sounded from nearby and I signaled to my crew to move our ships away from the damaged one. I watched as the devastated airship exploded into an ever larger fireball. The ion beams from the Terran cruisers had melted the precious armor plating around the balloon and a series of chain reactions sent off within the extremely combustible main hydrogen balloon engulfed the massive zeppelin in a matter of minutes.

We were safely away from the blast range of the airship but many of my friends were aboard that airship. The Terrans would pay dearly for this outrage. The high command would not be pleased that I had once again allowed those Terran Ma’harks to defeat another of their mighty airships. I ordered the maneuver of the fleet away from the flotsam of the enemy fleet but took satisfaction in knowing that at least I had accomplished the mission. The enemy had been destroyed.

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