Monday, April 23, 2012

Gnomecon Icfbts

We had four full games of It Came From Beyond the Still at Gnomecon this weekend.

The first was a modified Somethings in the.Cornfield. The Hillbillies were in a fued and trying to steal each others shine while the grays and blobs were collecting samples. The Blobs player won that game.

The second game was Running for Freedom and the hillbilies were able to stop the aliens from escaping.

The third game featured the Green Menace From Uranus factions from the upcoming book as well as the Mibs. In that oneI actually played the last hillbilly standing.

Finally we broke out the blue moon saucers and I ran everyone playing aliens each with a ufo. I made up a bunch of new alien factions on the fly including Mantids, Robots and a faction of grays that enjoy being as.mean as the Greens. I will post that scenario later but it was a combination of collect samples and ufo demolition derby.

I had the pleasure of hosting a game design panel with the creator of Arkham Horror. The con had about
350 in attendance and everyone really enjoyed themselves. We will be adding it to our con circuit!

Check out Mikes review on Bring Your A Game.

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