Monday, April 9, 2012

Bring Your A Game - ACG Interviewed

Mike over at Bring Your A Game asked me a few questions about the company and the direction that I am wanting to go with the company. The interview includes a few bonuses as well as a sneak peek into some upcoming titles that we will be offering!

We are only waiting on the artwork for It Came From Beyond the Still: Something's in the Sauce and it will be available for sale! This is a stand-alone book that is completely compatible with ICFBTS. This game features two new hillbillies - The Grangers, and the O'Dairys as well as new Men in Plaid, Men in Black together they face off against Outhouse Zombies, Cultists and Meddling Kids. You thought the aliens were bad. Imagine what happens when Yothsoghpikachuhu hammers home his Engulfing Maw and feats upon the goats of the Grangers? The hounds of the corn bay in the dark as only they enter betwixt angled fields as the man in the rubber suit scared the bejohndeer outta Cindy in the hot tub and Daryl and Darrell face off against a rotting smelly outhouse zombie. What could be more fun?

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