Thursday, March 15, 2012

St Paddy's Pulp Game

I am running a game of Hillbillies vs Aliens (and Zombies and Cultists and Meddling Kids) this Saturday at my house at 7pm. The game will feature the McCoys, the Hatfields, the Cultists, the Meddling Kids, the Gray Abduction Team and the Blobs. There may also be visits by the Hounds of the Corn, Bigfoot, Rubber Suit Monster, Zombies, Flying Monkeys, Crawling things and giant insects.   Special guest stars the Men in Black and Revenuers may make an appearance later in the evening.You have been warned!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from It Came From Beyond the Still

If you can read this and are within driving distance to Jacksonville, FL you are invited!


  1. Looks like fun. Your not really let the hillbillies kill a bunch of multi colored B.O.B.s are you?

  2. The blobs were played by my wife last night. She was veracious! I have a bunch of pics from the game and will post a nice after action report later to include each faction's missions and how the game went overall. Thanks!