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St Paddy's Pulp Game AAR

Saturday St. Patrick's Day It Came From Beyond the Still
I ran a huge game Saturday at my house of It Came From Beyond the Still. Normally the game can be played within an hour with some larger games playing in about two hours. This game featured six factions including factions from the up-coming ICFBTS: Somethings in the Sauce. I set up a special game on my 8 by 10 foot table Saturday with the intention of it lasting about four hours. To accomplish this I set each faction up with three separate victory conditions to achieve which they had to separate.

The Factions
The Blobs - Played by my wife Melanie
Blish (The Blob Leader)
Spank (Blob Solider)
Qusch (Blob Solider)
Lazsh (Immature Blob Solider)
Grush (Immature Blob Solider)
Junior (Immature Blog Solider - Captured by the Cultists)
Blob Mission: The blobs are trying to eat at least one of each faction before returning to their planet to gorge themselves on their victims. Additionally, the blobs cannot fight the meddling kids or the cultists until they are able to defeat at least one hillbilly. As a substitute to the hillbillies the blogs will devour grays but the rubbery skin of the grays makes their stomachs turn and they will spend the next turn being sick unable to do anything for one round. The blogs must also eat one pig and successfully add it to their likeness by rolling a 4 or less. Lastly the blobs must find junior who has been captured by the cultists and free him from his watery prison.
Blob Highlights - My beautiful wife was so sneaky and effectively used the blob's flatten cool ability to sneak up on unsuspecting victims and devour them whole. Mel even though it would be funny to bite the director who was just filming the events of the game. Luckily a sound guy jumped in and chased the blob away from the director. The highlight of the evening for the blobs was when they ate the pig and then that same blob slunk all the way to the other side of the board and devoured a McCoy in a boat. The blob player did very well. I think Mel will probably want to play the blobs again in the future. They successfully accomplished all of their objectives this game.

The McCoy Clan - Played by Byron
Grandpa McCoy (McCoy Leader)
Ma McCoy with Sonny Boy (McCoy Ma)
Suzy McCoy (McCoy Daughter)
Jim McCoy (McCoy Brother)
Drunk Bob McCoy (McCoy Cousin)
Earl McCoy (McCoy Cousin)
McCoy Mission: The McCoys are trying to steal the secret of the Hatfield's world-famous moonshine. They must visit the Hatfield's corn field, the still, and steal a bottle of the shine from the truck of the Hatfields. They must make a 3 or less at the cornfield to get the right corn. They must make a 3 or less to figure out the operation of the still. They must get a 4 or less to steal the shine from the truck. They must bring all of this back to their still and make up a batch to compete in the country fair.
McCoy Highlights - The McCoys were loaded onto a truck and headed off to steal the secrets from the Hatfields. En route they encountered the Meddling Kids and a gun fight broke out resulting in the Meddling Kids putting a few into the McCoys truck and the McCoys barely avoiding crashing into the Hatfield's trout pond. The McCoys finally were able to drive their truck up to the Hatfields and successfully stole the bottle. The McCoys had to tangle with the Grays and the Hatfields over the still but Pa was seduced by Ma Hatfield and he defended her with his first love, betsy his double barreled 12 gauge.

The Cultists - Played by Me
Principle Macroy (Leader)
Mr Pierson the Gas Station Owner
Ed the Part Time Cultist
Peggy the Hairdresser
Sean the Gun Store Owner
Dave the Deer Hunter
Hounds of the Corn x2
Cultists Mission: The cultists have just summoned two hounds of the corn whom they send to go find the secrets to where the Meddling Kids hid the key to their prison. The hounds can look in each of the landmarks to find the location where they hid the key by getting a 4 or less. Once the hounds have found three clues the cultists are set free and may leave the cave. The hounds will then disappear and return to Raleigh from whence they came. The cultists may then summon other creatures but they must capture at least one hillbilly woman and bring her back to be sacrificed to the Thing in the Well. Once the thing in the well has been satisfied by rolling a 5 or a 6 the cultists automatically summons a big scary monster suffering no losses.
Cultist Highlights- The hounds of the corn presented a fun problem for all the players because they have the ability to travel through any cornfield and enter or exit from any corner of the field using their extra dimensional ability secret of the kernel. The hounds were able to capture all of the clues from the landmarks, defeated one of the Meddling Kids on Black Rock and took her back to their lair to be fed to the thing in the well. Unfortunately after the thing in the well had its first taste of the meddling kid she talked it out of eating her and it spent the rest of the game trying to swat at things in the boats (either cultists or hillbillies) with its tentacles. Finally, the cultists did summon a big scary monster (which I used the evil beast himself from Raleigh) by summoning him saying Ia Ia Shishkabob Chicken Hoodo. The big scary monster freaked everyone out who said Zoinks and ran like hell toward the nearest photo op. Meanwhile the makeup artists were having a hell of a time putting the finishing touches on the big scary monster who dumped all of the meddling kids into the drink.

Hatfield Clan - Played by Me
Ma Hatfield (Hatfield Leader)
Rex Hatfield (Hatfield Dog)
Jenny Hatfield (Hatfield Daughter)
Cousin Daryl Hatfield (Hatfield Daughter)
Cousin Roxy Hatfield (Hatfield Cousin)
Hatfield Mission: The Hatfields are preparing for a family reunion and must get ready to receive their fifty kinfolk. They must make a special batch of shine for their family by capturing at least one sheep from the fields by rolling a 3 or less and bring the sheep back to the cabin. They must spend one turn in a boat fishing for trout by rolling a 4 or less to catch the trout. Lastly, they have to find the special corn in the cornfield they use for their recipe by rolling a three or less on their cornfield.
Hatfield Highlights - Ma was able to seduce the McCoy men. Jenny took out the blob who ate poor Daryl. Rex, the super dog took on and defeated the gray leader Neuron and single handed saved the Hatfields from the embarrassment of losing their property to the grays.

Grays - Played by Dwight
Neuron (Gray Leader)
Ryto (Gray Solider)
Benz (Gray Solider)
Zerb (Gray Solider)
Revo (Gray Scientist)
Hatlo (Giant Robot)
Grays Mission: The grays are trying to find as many DNA samples as they are able. They must get at least one DNA sample from each faction. A DNA sample from the blobs will subsitute from any other faction as they are able to manipulate their DNA for their own purposes. Additionally, the grays are interested in trying some of the shine they have heard so much about. If they are able to get to a still they can try it on a roll of 3 or less. Nasty, the grays are trying to repair their UFO which crashed after Daryl Hatfield shot it down confusing it for a weather balloon.
Grays Highlights- Dwight sneaked around with the majority of his grays and was able to get some of the shine, get a DNA sample from all factions except the cultists, and found the parts for the UFO. Their alien leader Neuron went mano a mano with the Hatfield dog Rex and was taken down but not before he and the other grays blasted the hell out of everything in the Hatfield residence with their ray guns and Halto's heat ray. Poor Roxy was blasted to oblivion and all that was left was her bra. Strangely enough the fact that her bra was left was nothing next to what had happened to the rest of the Hatfields.

The Meddling Kids - Played by Frank
Chad (Meddling Kids Leader)
Skeerby (Dog)
Meddling Kids: The Meddling Kids are investigating the identify of a cultist member whom they suspect to be Principle Macroy. To prove this theory they must get photos of one of each of the alien types and a photo of one of the summoned monsters by rolling a 3 or less each time. Additionally, there are clues throughout the board they can discover by investigating each landmark and rolling 4 or less. Once they have at least five clues they learn the location of the cultist's hideout under the lake. Lastly, if a Meddling Kid can get inside one of the ufos by rolling a 3 or less then they are able to take pictures of the inside of the vehicle for the National Enquirer.
Meddling Kids Highlight- Frank was able to get all of the missions except for the inside of a UFO. Chole and Allison took on a visiting Hatfield cousin named Dave Hatfield who was busy fishing in the lake. They got into a shooting match and the Hatfield was eventually overwhelmed by the frightening screams of the kids and their leader Chad who shot Dave.

Special Rules- The scenario used several special rules.
Stars are right - Should the stars are right be rolled (special rule from the ICFBTS-Something's in the Sauce) two zombies (from ICFBTS-SITS) will appear outside of the graveyard.
Moving Boats - The boats may move 4" and people may swim 2".
Woods - Each turn the faction is in the woods on a roll of 6 they encounter a bigfoot. Once the bigfoot has been encountered this becomes a bear or other wild animal. The bigfoot is keen on humping the cultist but as he cannot find the cultist he will settle on a hillbilly or stealing his shine instead.
Mountains- The mountains are home to giant insect creatures from B movies! On a roll of 6 they emerge and attack!
Thing in the Well- Each turn someone is in a boat on the water they are attacked on a roll of 6 with a 3d6 attack from the tentacles.
Blowing up Stills- Hillbilly stills can be set fire by rolling a 6 and the are destroyed if the fire is not put out within three turns. Everything within 4" takes a 2d6 attack immediately when it blows up.
Special Sneak- A faction member may spend an entire turn looking for a sneaking figure that has not performed an action (normally a figure must perform an action to be spotted) by rolling a 6. This does not apply to figures in terrain and does not apply to the other members of the faction.
Rain- The weatherman said that the overcast could turn into a downpour. There is a 20% chance that it will rain. If it rains the visibility is reduced to 12" for the remainder of the game.

The End

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