Sunday, March 4, 2012

It Came from Beyond the Still - Grays versus McCoys

Dad and I got in two games of ICFBTS today in under two hours! He played the McCoys and I played the grays. The objective for the McCoys was to eliminate the grays whereas the grays had to obtain five separate sources of DNA from the barnyard animals on the table.

The first game dad played pretty well but had a hard time finding the sneaky grays. The grays for their part were able to get all of the necessary DNA but poor Halto the giant robot and the majority of the expedition were lost. We have filed a report to Zorg and hopefully they will send more clones.

The second game had Suzy McCoy successfully probed by the gray scientist Zerb while Neuron and Raz doubled up against Grandpa McCoy and took him out while Halto was rammed into by the MIP Jim driving the busted truck. Poor Halto's foot actuator was scrambled and he had to two-step into the nearby wood and attempt repairs on his broken toe. The finale of the game was when Ma McCoy and Sonnie boy were able to defend the last remaining dna strand from the last gray and Halto, the last of the expedition, had to limp back to the UFO.

Good game had by all. Final score Grays 1/McCoys 1


  1. Totally sick and whacked....I would have loved to been involved!!!

  2. Well when we do the military supplement I will pull you in bro. I did not know you were into this kind of thing! Please chime in on the poll. Thanks!

    1. My Dad's people are from the hills of North Carolina after all....) Love to help with the modern military aspect.

  3. Great stuff, remins me of Cartman in Southpark...