Thursday, March 8, 2012

It Came From Beyond the Still - Announcements

Well it's official everyone.  I just sent the cover and interior for the It Came From Beyond the Still (Aliens versus Hillbillies) to the printer. We are more than 1/2 way complete with When the Navy Walked: Earthin the Hollow World and we have just about completed the writing for It Came From Beyond the Still: Something's in the Sauce (Zombies and Cultists versus Hillbillies). 

High Adventure!
In addition to the zombies versus hillbillies I was struck by inspiration these past few days to do a pulp game but with a twist. Thus I have started looking at doing It Came From Beyond the Still: The Missing Link (High Adventure in the Trailer Park). Introducing Earl Jones the Archaeologist who uses his metal detector to find buried ancient treasures in the trailer park, the Shadowman a bootlegger who always knows what people are thinking, Doctor McSpandex the evil villain who has an unhealthy appreciation for tight clothing and has his eye on the destruction to the world all from his secret base deep under lot eight. Stay tuned for more pulpy action as we learn more you'll learn more!

Look for It Came From Beyond the Still games being ran at Gnomecon in Savannah, Recon at Coca Beach and Rapier at Jacksonville, Fl.

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