Sunday, March 25, 2012

Farm yard Animals


I picked up a steal yesterday at only $10.00 USD for a bag of thirty something cows, deer, and horses. These were purchased at the train store and they are O Scale models. The bag had a bonus too of two goats and two sheep.  I started painting it today. I went with the brown and black spotted cows for dairy cows. I went with one white and one black goat since there are attack goats for the O'Dairy hillbilly clan in ICFBTS: Something's in the Sauce.

 I am planning on using these animals in my It Came From Beyond the Still game as well as other Pulp and Wild West games I run in the future. I used the cheap applebarrel paints on these guys as I really am just wanting to give the table that farm animal look and am not wanting to spend a bunch of time painting the animals to exacting standards. I spent about two hours today getting all of these guys to where you see them now. Painting the animals has been fun but it has got me to thinking if anyone has yet done a barnyard animal war game. ICFBTS: Barnyard Wars? That might be my next step with the ICFBTS engine after the Zombies vs Hillbillies game is released.

For those of you VSFer out there on my blog yes I am still doing WTNW Earthin. In fact Mel and I went out last night and checked out John Carter. I have to say that I really did enjoy the movie. I will give a more detailed review complete with spoilers behind the cut. So stay tuned. We now bring you back to your regularly scheduled cows.


  1. Great idea for a source of animals for different games. Nice job on painting them up as well.

  2. Hey thanks for the compliment. I am an ok painter and these guys were fun to paint!