Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dragonlance - Wreckage in Lynville

The party decided to explore the wrecked airship. A battle ensued in which the townsfolk were grateful for the help as they shot their arrows at the draconians and pirates aboard the downed airship. The battle was a lot of fun and the party did a good amount of smoozing around town with the locals. Finally, a knight of Steel has decided to join the party with his investigative skill. The highlights of the battle were when the dastardly pirates ran from a nearby building by the gallows where the party were taking from the airship crew when all of a sudden the building exploded and sent shrapnel flying everywhere. The burning smoke and wreckage of the ship provided protection to the pirates but eventually the party was able to set off the powder magazine somewhere in the hull and the whole thing went up like a rocket!

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