Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dragonlance - Attack of the Goblins Finale

We had an absolute blast! The airship Harkangel lookout Sawtooth Sam shouted attention on deck as he described the battle of the scene below. Capt Frost and his crew (the players as well as npcs) made the decision to aid the town being beset by hundreds of goblins. The captain gave the order and the Harkangel opened up 600 feet from the enemy.

Meanwhile the battle on the ground looked grim as the goblins began to take over the town and their ogre brethren hurled shots at the ship as it approached. The Harkangel took some nasty damage from arrows and a balasta of the enemy.

I had the players rolling for the people in the fort and the people in the town. I had a small caravan leaving the town as the attack was taking place. The caravan was led by knights of Solomina. At this point the players identified the knights and shouted cries of anguish as their brethren lay scattered on the battlefield. A call went up in the ship and the gnomes on board began to rig the gnomeflinger with what appeared to be a cross between a bomb and a wench and pully system. The gnome flinger was shot into the air and hurled down atop the goblins. A great roll by Randy playing Kas! The contraption exploded sending flames everywhere and sending goblins to their deaths via express train!

Oh no! Troubles afoot! A pair of pirates flying the black flag of the dragon armies approaches in airships from the west! Immediately the balasta on the other side went into action and more shots were traded back and forth. The battle was getting very chaotic!

Xochtil, our resident Indra and healer of Mishakal shouted orders to the gunners who opened fire from below decks on the pirate ships while healing fallen members of the party. A critical hit by one of the goblins and a deadly hail of arrows sent more crew members into early retirement while the battle ranged on below.

After a minute of bloody combat the Harkangel had taken too much damage and was forced to land, the caravan safely made it to the fort, the larger town was overrun by goblins and ogres, one pirate ship was sent down in flames while the other limped away.


A lone knight approaches the ship (possible new player) and announces his thanks for the aid....

We used 6mm figures to represent the game. The hexes were 20feet in size. The ships moved about 3-5 squares a turn. The players were in charge of the rolling for the knights, fort soldiers and townsfolk militia. I used the larger ship model to show the position of the players on the actual ship. The game ran very smoothly in 6mm with just a few conversions.

I multiplied damage whenever hits were scored since we were basically rolling for 20 goblins at a time per d20. I did the same with the knights and townsfolk. The Harkangel versus the pirates was straight up damage like normal and not multiplied. Overall the game went very well.

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