Friday, March 30, 2012

Aliens vs Hillbillies Kickstarter Launched!

We need you! Be among the first to get your limited edition still and help us by backing our first two factions in It Came From Beyond the Still.

Miniatures sculptor is Brad Shier of Frozen Planet. Should this take off we are planning on doing all the factions as well as specials such as the atomic giant mutant fire breathing chicken and the servitor races from the upcoming ICFBTS Something in the Sauce or Hillbillies vs Zombies and Cultists.

Aliens vs Hillbillies Kickstarter Sculpt

The game is available as a pdf from Aliens vs Hillbillies or from us or your local FLGS in softcover.

Here is a work in progress of the limited edition still some kickstarter contributors will receive.

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