Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dragonlance - Wreckage in Lynville

The party decided to explore the wrecked airship. A battle ensued in which the townsfolk were grateful for the help as they shot their arrows at the draconians and pirates aboard the downed airship. The battle was a lot of fun and the party did a good amount of smoozing around town with the locals. Finally, a knight of Steel has decided to join the party with his investigative skill. The highlights of the battle were when the dastardly pirates ran from a nearby building by the gallows where the party were taking from the airship crew when all of a sudden the building exploded and sent shrapnel flying everywhere. The burning smoke and wreckage of the ship provided protection to the pirates but eventually the party was able to set off the powder magazine somewhere in the hull and the whole thing went up like a rocket!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Game night quote of the night

Kender says "Even I wouldn't do that!"

Aliens vs Hillbillies Kickstarter Launched!

We need you! Be among the first to get your limited edition still and help us by backing our first two factions in It Came From Beyond the Still.

Miniatures sculptor is Brad Shier of Frozen Planet. Should this take off we are planning on doing all the factions as well as specials such as the atomic giant mutant fire breathing chicken and the servitor races from the upcoming ICFBTS Something in the Sauce or Hillbillies vs Zombies and Cultists.

Aliens vs Hillbillies Kickstarter Sculpt

The game is available as a pdf from Aliens vs Hillbillies or from us or your local FLGS in softcover.

Here is a work in progress of the limited edition still some kickstarter contributors will receive.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A fine retail establishment in California

These guys carry all of our products. They have good stock of lots of other things as well. If you are in California check them out!

Game Kastle

1350 Coleman Ave

Santa Clara, CA 95050 USA



ph: 408-727-2452

DM Advice: Using Miniatures and Models

There are many good reasons to use miniatures and models for your role playing games. Apart from the fact that they are visually pleasing they also help DMs and players alike with area of effect and terrain features. What better way to simulate a city battle than by laying out buildings provided by Miniature Building Authority or to delve deep into a cavern complex or dungeon using the beautiful models from Dwarven Forge.

Plastics versus Metals
Of course there are people in both camps about plastics versus metal miniatures. Me, I prefer the plastics for monsters etc and the metals for players characters, important npcs, and villains. It has been said at my table more than once "Oh he is a painted metal figure, he has feats." The players are of course right in that assumption.

The good thing about plastics is you can just toss them in a box. I keep mine separated by type and by usefulness. For instance, all of my humans are in one of those plastic trays with the drawers used for crafts. I have them separated by rogues, city guard, wizards and clerics, bag guys (Zhents, Cult of the Dragon, other cultists etc) and by rangers. In the top drawer is where I keep all of my thrikreen, Ghale and other strangeness. I then have a box full of fishing trays with the undead, elves, dwarves, animals, drow, lizardmen, etc. They are in separate areas of each box. For my larger figures I have them in the dollar plastic shoe box sized boxes you can pickup at the local mart store. I have them labeled by type as well, Dragon, Giant, Demon etc. My metals are arranged very similarly in chessex type boxes in order to get to them quickly. What I like about this approach is that I can actually use random tables and pull anything I need right away. It is very useful.

Buildings vs Mapsheets
For me it is not a question of either or but of using BOTH. That's right I like to use both actual miniature terrain AND mapsheets in my games. Right now, for instance, for Friday night I have the MBA buildings I recently picked up from Kirk on the table to use for the town that they had crashed in. I will be using the buildings as representations but what wonderfully beautiful representations they are! Underneath the buildings I have several Piazo and Scrying Eye games maps to use for other things that are in the town.

Pros and Cons
While yes it is true that some players like to metagame with the scale of using the mapsheets and buildings, it can be very rewarding to have players use these types of tactics in the game. As a DM you will just have to decide if you want to encourage them to use battle field tactics or you do not. Undoubtedly it can be challenging for a DM to use maps when they are used to not using any maps or terrain at all as most players quickly realize they can count squares to figure out the distances where there enemies are and the exact placement of spells. Is it realistic to allow them to take the time to figure out exactly where to place that spell? No. You could tell them they have one chance and have only a minute to decide where to place it. A minute is my standard time per player during a combat phase anyway. This would give them the ability to be tactical but also give them the feeling that they are indeed in the middle of combat.

In conclusion I say use them. They are a great game aid and come in handy at a tabletop rpg!

When the Navy Walked titles on

Our titles for When the Navy Walked including the first three books (Revised Core, Conflict on Mars, and Airships and Skypirates) are available at a great deal on!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Animals for It Came From Beyond the Still

Here are some more animals that came in that bag of cows. I painted up the sheep, goats, horses and deer. Not bad for O scale plastic models. What do you think?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Farm yard Animals


I picked up a steal yesterday at only $10.00 USD for a bag of thirty something cows, deer, and horses. These were purchased at the train store and they are O Scale models. The bag had a bonus too of two goats and two sheep.  I started painting it today. I went with the brown and black spotted cows for dairy cows. I went with one white and one black goat since there are attack goats for the O'Dairy hillbilly clan in ICFBTS: Something's in the Sauce.

 I am planning on using these animals in my It Came From Beyond the Still game as well as other Pulp and Wild West games I run in the future. I used the cheap applebarrel paints on these guys as I really am just wanting to give the table that farm animal look and am not wanting to spend a bunch of time painting the animals to exacting standards. I spent about two hours today getting all of these guys to where you see them now. Painting the animals has been fun but it has got me to thinking if anyone has yet done a barnyard animal war game. ICFBTS: Barnyard Wars? That might be my next step with the ICFBTS engine after the Zombies vs Hillbillies game is released.

For those of you VSFer out there on my blog yes I am still doing WTNW Earthin. In fact Mel and I went out last night and checked out John Carter. I have to say that I really did enjoy the movie. I will give a more detailed review complete with spoilers behind the cut. So stay tuned. We now bring you back to your regularly scheduled cows.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It Came From Beyond the Still - Somethings in the Sauce

I just finished putting the final touches on It Came From Beyond the Still: Something's in the Sauce. Should be out in a few weeks in pdf! Next to put the final touches on WTNW Earthin and then to start the special project with Ambush Alley Games :). I can't say more than that due to the NDA but it involves a very cool thing that I can promise.

Monday, March 19, 2012

St Paddy's Pulp Game AAR

Saturday St. Patrick's Day It Came From Beyond the Still
I ran a huge game Saturday at my house of It Came From Beyond the Still. Normally the game can be played within an hour with some larger games playing in about two hours. This game featured six factions including factions from the up-coming ICFBTS: Somethings in the Sauce. I set up a special game on my 8 by 10 foot table Saturday with the intention of it lasting about four hours. To accomplish this I set each faction up with three separate victory conditions to achieve which they had to separate.

The Factions
The Blobs - Played by my wife Melanie
Blish (The Blob Leader)
Spank (Blob Solider)
Qusch (Blob Solider)
Lazsh (Immature Blob Solider)
Grush (Immature Blob Solider)
Junior (Immature Blog Solider - Captured by the Cultists)
Blob Mission: The blobs are trying to eat at least one of each faction before returning to their planet to gorge themselves on their victims. Additionally, the blobs cannot fight the meddling kids or the cultists until they are able to defeat at least one hillbilly. As a substitute to the hillbillies the blogs will devour grays but the rubbery skin of the grays makes their stomachs turn and they will spend the next turn being sick unable to do anything for one round. The blogs must also eat one pig and successfully add it to their likeness by rolling a 4 or less. Lastly the blobs must find junior who has been captured by the cultists and free him from his watery prison.
Blob Highlights - My beautiful wife was so sneaky and effectively used the blob's flatten cool ability to sneak up on unsuspecting victims and devour them whole. Mel even though it would be funny to bite the director who was just filming the events of the game. Luckily a sound guy jumped in and chased the blob away from the director. The highlight of the evening for the blobs was when they ate the pig and then that same blob slunk all the way to the other side of the board and devoured a McCoy in a boat. The blob player did very well. I think Mel will probably want to play the blobs again in the future. They successfully accomplished all of their objectives this game.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Possible Kickstarter for the It Came From Beyond the Still Miniature Line

I am thinking about putting together a kickstarter for the miniature line for It Came From Beyond the Still. Should that be successful I will follow that with another kickstarter for the board game with the same name. Tips? Suggestions? All very welcome and helpful. I will need to price out miniature spin casting etc. I have an awesome sculptor or two in mind already and the book is already done so I am thinking that any potential backers would receive a shirt (graphics made by scrying eye games), a personal signed copy of the book, the pdf, or a bundle to include the first box set of minis. I need to go over all of this. Like I said any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

This is kickstarter

Thursday, March 15, 2012

St Paddy's Pulp Game

I am running a game of Hillbillies vs Aliens (and Zombies and Cultists and Meddling Kids) this Saturday at my house at 7pm. The game will feature the McCoys, the Hatfields, the Cultists, the Meddling Kids, the Gray Abduction Team and the Blobs. There may also be visits by the Hounds of the Corn, Bigfoot, Rubber Suit Monster, Zombies, Flying Monkeys, Crawling things and giant insects.   Special guest stars the Men in Black and Revenuers may make an appearance later in the evening.You have been warned!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from It Came From Beyond the Still

If you can read this and are within driving distance to Jacksonville, FL you are invited!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hillbillies vs Aliens at Borderlands

We played a game demo of Aliens vs Hillbillies today at Borderlands. My wife and I ran the demo and there were a few people who swung over and checked it out. I am very excited to run the game with the pulp characters next Saturday at 7pm at my place and at Gnomecon, Recon and Rapier this year. The buildings are Miniature Building Authority and the plastic hobo village from plasticville. Mel kicked my aliens butts.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It Came From Beyond the Still - Announcements

Well it's official everyone.  I just sent the cover and interior for the It Came From Beyond the Still (Aliens versus Hillbillies) to the printer. We are more than 1/2 way complete with When the Navy Walked: Earthin the Hollow World and we have just about completed the writing for It Came From Beyond the Still: Something's in the Sauce (Zombies and Cultists versus Hillbillies). 

High Adventure!
In addition to the zombies versus hillbillies I was struck by inspiration these past few days to do a pulp game but with a twist. Thus I have started looking at doing It Came From Beyond the Still: The Missing Link (High Adventure in the Trailer Park). Introducing Earl Jones the Archaeologist who uses his metal detector to find buried ancient treasures in the trailer park, the Shadowman a bootlegger who always knows what people are thinking, Doctor McSpandex the evil villain who has an unhealthy appreciation for tight clothing and has his eye on the destruction to the world all from his secret base deep under lot eight. Stay tuned for more pulpy action as we learn more you'll learn more!

Look for It Came From Beyond the Still games being ran at Gnomecon in Savannah, Recon at Coca Beach and Rapier at Jacksonville, Fl.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

It Came from Beyond the Still - Grays versus McCoys

Dad and I got in two games of ICFBTS today in under two hours! He played the McCoys and I played the grays. The objective for the McCoys was to eliminate the grays whereas the grays had to obtain five separate sources of DNA from the barnyard animals on the table.

The first game dad played pretty well but had a hard time finding the sneaky grays. The grays for their part were able to get all of the necessary DNA but poor Halto the giant robot and the majority of the expedition were lost. We have filed a report to Zorg and hopefully they will send more clones.

The second game had Suzy McCoy successfully probed by the gray scientist Zerb while Neuron and Raz doubled up against Grandpa McCoy and took him out while Halto was rammed into by the MIP Jim driving the busted truck. Poor Halto's foot actuator was scrambled and he had to two-step into the nearby wood and attempt repairs on his broken toe. The finale of the game was when Ma McCoy and Sonnie boy were able to defend the last remaining dna strand from the last gray and Halto, the last of the expedition, had to limp back to the UFO.

Good game had by all. Final score Grays 1/McCoys 1


Product Announcement
 I wanted to let everyone know that ICFBTS Somethings in the Sauce (Hillbillies versus Zombies) is coming along just as quickly as the first book did and we have been left with a decision to make on the art. We can either continue with the production of When the Navy Walked; Earthin the Hollow World OR we can push the ICFBTS: Somethings in the Sauce to the front. This will push WTNW: Earthin to this summer as a release however so I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the matter.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dragonlance - Attack of the Goblins Finale

We had an absolute blast! The airship Harkangel lookout Sawtooth Sam shouted attention on deck as he described the battle of the scene below. Capt Frost and his crew (the players as well as npcs) made the decision to aid the town being beset by hundreds of goblins. The captain gave the order and the Harkangel opened up 600 feet from the enemy.

Meanwhile the battle on the ground looked grim as the goblins began to take over the town and their ogre brethren hurled shots at the ship as it approached. The Harkangel took some nasty damage from arrows and a balasta of the enemy.

I had the players rolling for the people in the fort and the people in the town. I had a small caravan leaving the town as the attack was taking place. The caravan was led by knights of Solomina. At this point the players identified the knights and shouted cries of anguish as their brethren lay scattered on the battlefield. A call went up in the ship and the gnomes on board began to rig the gnomeflinger with what appeared to be a cross between a bomb and a wench and pully system. The gnome flinger was shot into the air and hurled down atop the goblins. A great roll by Randy playing Kas! The contraption exploded sending flames everywhere and sending goblins to their deaths via express train!

Oh no! Troubles afoot! A pair of pirates flying the black flag of the dragon armies approaches in airships from the west! Immediately the balasta on the other side went into action and more shots were traded back and forth. The battle was getting very chaotic!

Xochtil, our resident Indra and healer of Mishakal shouted orders to the gunners who opened fire from below decks on the pirate ships while healing fallen members of the party. A critical hit by one of the goblins and a deadly hail of arrows sent more crew members into early retirement while the battle ranged on below.

After a minute of bloody combat the Harkangel had taken too much damage and was forced to land, the caravan safely made it to the fort, the larger town was overrun by goblins and ogres, one pirate ship was sent down in flames while the other limped away.


A lone knight approaches the ship (possible new player) and announces his thanks for the aid....

We used 6mm figures to represent the game. The hexes were 20feet in size. The ships moved about 3-5 squares a turn. The players were in charge of the rolling for the knights, fort soldiers and townsfolk militia. I used the larger ship model to show the position of the players on the actual ship. The game ran very smoothly in 6mm with just a few conversions.

I multiplied damage whenever hits were scored since we were basically rolling for 20 goblins at a time per d20. I did the same with the knights and townsfolk. The Harkangel versus the pirates was straight up damage like normal and not multiplied. Overall the game went very well.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dragonlance - Attack of the Goblins

Tonight, six days into their airship travel to Mt. Nevermind the party sees a small town, an outpost and a larger town being beset by goblins and ogres. The ship that I am using is one of those cardboard ships from the pirates game. I have a larger version of the ship that their 28mm figures fit upon (and other ships and pieces for boarding actions). The figures in the photo are zulus (repping for goblins) and British (repping for Ilandrians). The buildings, trees and river are for my microarmor. The rocks make great mountains at this scale! The party will have to decide how they will intervene in this battle. It may decide more than just these goblins are obviously on the move!