Thursday, February 2, 2012

Superdungeon - Session 29

The party was ambushed  by a cyclops and his retinue of hill giants accompanied by a handful of ogre kin; their lot being affected with various mutations. In among the rocks the party could make out the heads of the various giant kin and something else - an Ogre Mage! The party at first felt it better to not deal with the ogre mage directly but all too soon Meg charged head first into the ogre mage's circle.

Then Vayne taking the shape of a dinosaur rushed at the cyclops. As he bit down he noticed his face change back to that of the dhampyr. The giant was protected from magic and his shifted nature was somehow affected! The battle raged on with Tyne and Quanlian providing support for an enlarged Sigrid while the cleric of the group used her spells to heal the druid after he was smashed by boulders and the mighty weapon of the cyclops.

We ended the game mid battle on a grim note. Will the party be triumphant? Has the Ogre Mage met his match? Will the party be defeated? Stay tuned!

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