Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scratch Built Ships

Recently I've started contemplating making my own VSF contraptions in 28mm for the Skirmish version of WTNW and yes for Gaslight as well. J has convinced me of the many splendors of Gaslight and once I am done with the WTNW Skirmish rules I intend on giving Buck's rules a try.

For those of you who are interested in scratch built home-brew models for vsf and the period I have assembled a few goodies.

Check out the Russian shallow sea ship over at Bringing Up the Rear. While you are there be sure to give a good read of the stoyline that is developing between the Russians, French and Americans in the South China Seas. Very inspirational stuff!

Here is a beautiful walker that has been under construction for some time. The HMSW Gargantua by Colonel O'Truth is what most of us inspire to make but the Colonel does it with such panache and genteel demeanor that we all must sit back, sip our tea and say jolly good show mate! The Queen (God Bless Her) would be quite pleased!

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