Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MegaCon Pics

MegaCon was a blast! I got to run several Pathfinder Society games including the Battle Royal for this year - The Blood of Absalom. We had fourteen or so tables filled with six people of various tiers. I ran tier 1-2 and we had a great time playing the game. The short attention span games were a blast. I forgot how much fun it was to play the one shots at cons. Almost all of them were brand new to gaming. We played two star wars games, one Pathfinder game and one Traveler game. These SAST games featured the maps of Scrying Eye Games. There were so many cool costumes and the media guests included Bab five's Londo, Vir and Sheraton.

The R2 Builders group had a Dalek that they were parading around. A really cool wall-sized game of Xwing versus Death Star trench was enjoyed and one guy was dressed as a Space Marine.

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