Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GnomeCon, Recon and the status of the games

Hello everyone in gamer internet world. I have been really busy since coming back from Megacon and have been remiss in posting. Please accept my apologizes for the slow-down of posts as we are in a busy season of our lives which includes the 'day job' and other actual real-life situations. I hope everyone is doing well!

First off let me say that I have been honored by being asked to host a panel at Gnomecon this year. The panel will happen on Saturday and the topic will be Independent Game Design though if people want to break out into a GM advice panel after I would welcome the chance to share what I know about that topic as well.

Secondly I will be running demos of It Came From Beyond the Still at both Gnomecon and Recon this year. I will be using some of the Miniature Building Authorities wonderful terrain as well as a mixture of Murch, Copplestone and other Hillbilly types. If you've ever wanted to take it to them alien varmints this is your chance!

Thirdly the ICFBTS: Somethings in the Sauce proceeds at break neck speed and I am about 1/2 way completed with the book. Several fans have jumped on board for both the print version of the original book and this stand-alone version. You heard right. It Came From Beyond the Still: Somethings in the Sauce is a stand-alone version that will have all of the rules you need to play and will be completely compatible with the original.

Lastly the progress on When the Navy Walked: Earthin the Hollow World has proceeded very smoothly. I anticipate an April release date right on schedule with what we have planned. This version will include much more background information for the various factions as well as new rules for tunneling and dinosaurs, new scenarios, edges/flaws and new army lists.

Yesterday we got in a game of Pirates of the Caribbean Life while I updated the ICFBTS:SITS Cultists lists. I lost. It was still pretty good. I recommend that version if only because you get to shoot your opponent.

Hope to see you at the cons!


  1. Hi Robert, This is Anne the GnomeCon Panel Overlord. If you'd like to do more than one panel let me know. I have some space Friday night if you'd like. Just email me at gnomecon(at)yahoo(dot)com. and lemme know! We're very excited to have you!

  2. Hey Anne! I look forward to hosting the panel. I have already been.told by Phil that he will moderate it which sounds great! I look foward to showing you guys my games.