Monday, January 2, 2012

WTNW Initiative Errata

When the Navy Walked Initiative Errata
After determining the number of Command Points per side each player will roll 1d6 until there are no ties. The player with the highest number has the initiative for the turn and may decide if they wish to move first or if they wish their opponent to move first. Movement is still handled in the order of command values and this rule is only used when units of equal command value are moved. For example: Fredric the Great's Steam Spiders are Command Value 12 and Nigel's Royce Armed Destroyers are Command Value 12. At the start of the turn Fredric won initiative and so is able to determine if he wishes to move his Steam Spiders before Nigel can move his Armed Destroyers.


  1. what happened to your interest in PIRATES -

  2. @Indy - Thanks! I think it will make it much more fluid during those situations.

    @Dave - I am working on a ruleset called Blackflags and Merchantmen that is wargaming piracy in a skirmish rpg-lite type game from the roots of sea piracy with the Sea Peoples attacking merchant caravels in the Mediterranean to the Golden Age of Pirates in the Caribbean.