Thursday, January 5, 2012

WTNW - Core Game Deck! PDF and Preorders

I have just finished working on cards for the When the Navy Walked game. These cards are intended to make game play faster and keep record keeping to a minimum. The cards are divided into four sections; Internal Hits, Sabotage, Orders, and Conditions. These cards are for use with WTNW Core Revised. Should this project be successful we will develop other card packs for the supplements.

Internal Hits
The Internal Hits cards can be shuffled together and drawn instead of rolling on the Internal Hits chart. In addition, once a machine or capital unit suffers an Internal Hit the card can be placed up next to the unit thereby keeping a record of the effects of the hit.

The Sabotage cards should be segregated into separate decks, one for machines and capital units and one for ground units. In lieu of rolling on the table the cards can be drawn from the deck and the results applied to the sabotaged unit.

The Orders cards should be extremely helpful. These cards show the orders given for a unit. Included with these cards is a new order The Hold Order. On each phase all players should place a card face down beside all of their units. In this way orders can be given in secret and neither side knows which enemy unit is actually being activated that phase.

Example: The German player has four units and wishes to shoot two of them. He places two shooting orders for the units that are going to receive the shoot order and two hold orders for the units that are not firing. Before the activation both players simultaneously flip over all of their cards revealing the units firing and those holding.

Important: Players reveal their orders simultaneously with the exception of the Sabotage order. During the sabotage phase it is necessary for a player to show all units that are committing sabotage and declare the target of their sabotage before the remainder of the cards are shown.

Example: The German player is committing sabotage from his Herr Untermarden Gizmos upon the Littleton Landship of the British. The British commander does not commit sabotage this turn. The German player is not using espionage. The British player is using Espionage on his Royce Armored Destroyers.  Both players mark all units, the German player giving the Herr Untermarten Gizmos a sabotage order and the remainder of his units a hold order. The British player places an Espionage order on his Royce Armored Destroyers.

These cards show the condition of a unit such as Shaken, Routed, and Disordered and should be placed face up beside the unit to indicate its condition.

WTNW Core - Game Deck Available Now!

Preorder the WTNW Core Game Deck! I am taking preorders for the printed version of the Game Deck for $20.00 usd plus shipping. If you are interested in obtaining a preorder for February please email with the subject Preorder Game Deck.  All pre-orders will receive a free copy of When the Navy Walked Airships and Skypirates in pdf form, our newest supplement!  Thank you!

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