Monday, January 9, 2012

Using Cards in WTNW

In order to make game play more fluid we have started using cards to show orders. Although we have created a set of cards specifically for the game, you can use regular playing cards. Divide the cards up by suits giving one red suit and one black suit to each player or group of players. If necessary, use multiple packs of playing cards. It is a good idea for the players to pick up their cards and put them in a stack. This way the opposing player will not be able to count how many reds or blacks you may have remaining.

At the start of each phase, all players place a card face down on the table for each unit. The red cards indicate that the unit is being activated for this phase (ie firing in the shooting phase) and the black indicates a hold order meaning no action was given to this unit this phase.

For sabotage versus espionage, we use red as the activation and black as hold as per the normal but face cards indicate sabotage whereas low cards indicate espionage. During the sabotage phase of the game after all cards are placed the sabotage cards are revealed first by both sides followed by espionage cards.

You can also use a different set of cards to give two sets of 2-12 for internal hits thereby doubling the chances of a critical and use the cards in correspondence with the chart instead of rolling on the chart. You can do the same for sabotage tables. In this way, everyone can ensure fairness during the game and this coupled with the initiative rule allows for tournament play for When the Navy Walked.

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