Sunday, January 22, 2012

SuperDungeon - The Cyclops and the Farmhouse

Just as they were about to head out of the city the party was approached by members of the guard bearing a letter for them directly from the Shadow Council of Amn. The letter implored the party to take on a mission into the Small Teeth to investigate the suspected attacks of farmers that they believe was caused by a Cyclops in the service of the Ogre Mages of the Wealdealth Forest. The party took on the mission and within a few days in the field came to realize that the predations of the monsters on the farmers was far worse than they were originally informed. As they crossed the river ford they found several dead wild elf bodies among giant-sized footprints.

Unfortunately for the farmers the attacks seemed to be aimed at looting and causing terror more than than to capture slaves. The party was able to save several children from a burning farmhouse but their parents had already been massacred by the monsters. They sent the children back with Amos the Knight in service to Quinlan and two of the bardic followers. Steeling their nerves and running on adrenaline they charged forth into the unknown to mete justice to these fiends.

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