Sunday, January 22, 2012

Photos from the Field - Suncoast Skirmishers Winter Offensive

Well thank you to everyone who came out and played the WTNW demo! I am happy to say that the convention was a success. The Suncoast Skirmishers crew went above and beyond to facilitate a very good minicon. The venue was very nice and even had coffee - always a plus! I was able to sell a few books and trade for some Wings of War figures which I put to immediate use in the demo on the side of the Germans.

I ran two demos at the same time each on the same 8x4 table. The first game was the Port Cape Scenario in the main book in which the Germans are attempting to overtake the British held town Port Cape and reclaim their ryanium. The second game was a battle in which the Confederate States battled the Union States in an ACW setting as the Confederates moved to try to reinforce Appomattox. We had a total of eight people playing in the games.

The games were evenly matched with each side having a capital unit and several machines and ground units. The Germans were unable to take the British town but put up a very good fight including crippling the Littleton Landship with their bombers (represented by the Wings of War planes and yes I know one is not German). The Union troops while garrisoned in their town were unable to withstand the onslaught of the Confederate forces and even their dictator mortars were unable to stem the tide of the grays.

For this demo we used the cards to represent hidden orders. The cards worked very well although we got some very interesting ideas for other game aids that may work better than the cards. With this in mind we are still pursuing the printing of the GameDecks and are still taking pre-orders . Overall everyone seemed to really enjoy the game which is really what this is all about anyway. Once again thank you to everyone for the great convention! We plan on running these same demos at Recon this year.


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