Friday, January 13, 2012

On the Road to Winter Offensive 2012!

Unless I am able to update the blog via the interweb over the weekend with pictures from demo games and the convention this will be my last post until next week. We are taking When the Navy Walked on the road to Suncoast Skirmisher's Winter Offensive 2012! This will be our first convention to be followed by MegaCon 2012 in February. If you would like to run demos of WTNW or ICFBTS at your local conventions we would love to support your efforts! Send an email to and we will hook you up with SWAG!

Next week there should be photos and AARs of the games ran at Winter Offensive! We will be using some of the new mechanics in the latest supplement Airships and Skypirates. Remember that all of our products are for sale on Wargamevault and many are available through our website. Thanks for supporting the game! As they said in Every Which Way but Loose, On the Road Again!

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