Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Know Your Roots

I have always been very interested in genealogy and heritage. My parents would always tell me stories of my ancestors how we are a mixture of Irish, Scottish, German, English and Native American. It was fun listening to my grandfather on my mother's side talk about his side of the family who immigrated from Ireland as clan McElgun. My father's side the Adams, Dells and MacKinlays are of Scottish, German, and Irish decent.

I started doing a little digging and found out that we have some bonefide heroes in our family tree including people who fought in the American Revolutionary War, War Between the States, Korea and Vietnam as well as a multitude of other skirmishes and explorations into the New World.

Anyone who has tried to track down ancestors pre 1900s will tell you that it is not that easy. Luckily apparently much of the work was done for me because as I continued my search and found that we have many relatives who are into mapping out our history. I encourage you to check it out yourself for your own family if this is something that interests you. The new technology available is amazing and there are a good deal amount of electronic records available online.

I have so far only been able to track down my father's side of the family back to Ireland and England and that is specifically only on his father's side. My father's mother's side of the family remains a mystery although I do have her name and plan on searching for it in Dawes as I am told it is largely Cherokee and Native American heritage. 

This has been a really fun project for me and a few family members have already contacted me with information regarding my mother's side of the family. I have not yet started on that side but I am sure we will end up somewhere in Germany from my grandma Ann and in Ireland from my Grandpa Robert. 

Although this is not gaming related per-se for me this has been a really fun exercise. So far I have been lucky in that a lot of the work has been done already but I plan on keeping the records straight. So come check out my genealogy at The Adams Tribal Page. The names of living persons are hidden for security purposes.

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