Monday, January 23, 2012

Screwtape Letters

Been listening to the audio version of the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. Very good satire written from the perspective of the Undersecretary of the Devil to a Jr. Taunter named Wormwood who is not least of all Screwtape's nephew. Classic stuff! I really like how the man who is to be damned is referred to as 'the patient' throughout the prose. We can learn a lot from reading this story. We can ultimately use the method of the demon tempter and the uncle Screwtape to make our villains more methodical and more devilish. As a Christian I recommend the book. As a game master I recommend the book. Even if you are not a Christian or a believer at all you can get a lot of ideas from reading it. Then use it to taunt your own patients. I daresay it would be devilish fun.I plan on putting some of the ideas together with ideas from Interview with the Vampire to really let the Dragonlance party have a challenge!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

SuperDungeon - The Cyclops and the Farmhouse

Just as they were about to head out of the city the party was approached by members of the guard bearing a letter for them directly from the Shadow Council of Amn. The letter implored the party to take on a mission into the Small Teeth to investigate the suspected attacks of farmers that they believe was caused by a Cyclops in the service of the Ogre Mages of the Wealdealth Forest. The party took on the mission and within a few days in the field came to realize that the predations of the monsters on the farmers was far worse than they were originally informed. As they crossed the river ford they found several dead wild elf bodies among giant-sized footprints.

Unfortunately for the farmers the attacks seemed to be aimed at looting and causing terror more than than to capture slaves. The party was able to save several children from a burning farmhouse but their parents had already been massacred by the monsters. They sent the children back with Amos the Knight in service to Quinlan and two of the bardic followers. Steeling their nerves and running on adrenaline they charged forth into the unknown to mete justice to these fiends.

Photos from the Field - Suncoast Skirmishers Winter Offensive

Well thank you to everyone who came out and played the WTNW demo! I am happy to say that the convention was a success. The Suncoast Skirmishers crew went above and beyond to facilitate a very good minicon. The venue was very nice and even had coffee - always a plus! I was able to sell a few books and trade for some Wings of War figures which I put to immediate use in the demo on the side of the Germans.

I ran two demos at the same time each on the same 8x4 table. The first game was the Port Cape Scenario in the main book in which the Germans are attempting to overtake the British held town Port Cape and reclaim their ryanium. The second game was a battle in which the Confederate States battled the Union States in an ACW setting as the Confederates moved to try to reinforce Appomattox. We had a total of eight people playing in the games.

The games were evenly matched with each side having a capital unit and several machines and ground units. The Germans were unable to take the British town but put up a very good fight including crippling the Littleton Landship with their bombers (represented by the Wings of War planes and yes I know one is not German). The Union troops while garrisoned in their town were unable to withstand the onslaught of the Confederate forces and even their dictator mortars were unable to stem the tide of the grays.

For this demo we used the cards to represent hidden orders. The cards worked very well although we got some very interesting ideas for other game aids that may work better than the cards. With this in mind we are still pursuing the printing of the GameDecks and are still taking pre-orders . Overall everyone seemed to really enjoy the game which is really what this is all about anyway. Once again thank you to everyone for the great convention! We plan on running these same demos at Recon this year.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

It Came From Beyond the Still - The Men in Plaid and Those Other Guys

We are proud to announce that we are going to be releasing our second supplement for Hillbillies vs Aliens

It Came From Beyond the Still - "The Men in Plaid and Those Other Guys".  The newest supplement features two new factions - The Men in Plaid Operators and the Men in Black, two new scenarios as well as ICFBTS- Weapons Closet stats and the gear, tech and craziness that is ICFBTS. You can get all of our products on our site or via Wargamevault.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WTNW - Catastrophic Damage Rule

Want a more explosive When the Navy Walked game? Next time you are playing WTNW try this optional rule.

Catastrophic Damage: Whenever a unit doubles the original threshold value of a machine, creature, capital unit or behemoth the unit suffers an additional internal hit. The number of additional internal hits is increased each time the unit scores a multiplier of double the target unit’s initial threshold. For instance if a unit scores 12 hits on a Zyklops regardless of the current threshold of the Zyklops, the Zyklops takes two internal hits (one for the initial hull penetration and one for the doubling of the threshold).

DM Advice - Roleplaying Combats

In this week’s DM Advice column I discuss one of the various ways in which a DM can bring the roleplaying back into gaming. This week I am specifically going to concentrate on how to run quick combats without the use of a battle grid or miniatures. I can hear you already “What, no minis? No grid? Why would I want to do that?” There may be some circumstances where you need to have a combat but feel that the foe is so outnumbered or outgunned by the party that there really is no need to break out everything.

Last night I ran into a perfect example of this. The party in Superdungeon had taken on an assignment to check out a Cyclops working for the Ogre Mage in the Small Teeth. The game is set in Amn in Forgotten Realms with some modifications due to the sundering of the World Stone. The party had just spent the better part of the day saving children from burning farm houses and burying dead wild elves and farmers that the Cyclops and his band had left in their wake. After a long day and sending the kids back with their cohorts the party decided to camp outside one of the farmsteads.

I knew three things could happen so I asked for a party watch order and a survival check. I had each player make a survival check that night. Their survival check determined the food that they were able to gather for the evening meal as well as what might happen that evening on their watch as I knew that the party was being watched by hobgoblins and kobolds from the larger group but did not want to actually pull out the figures and get into the nitty gritty.

The first watch had Vayne as a sabertooth cat and his animal companion, a tiger named Scratch on duty. They were able to bag a deer but they also were ambushed by some stealthy kobolds. Only one kobold got the drop on them and the rest were spotted. Instead of getting into what looked like four rounds of combat to showcase that they were being watched I told Vayne’s player to make six rolls -three for himself and three for his cat – while I made seven rolls, one for each of five spotted kobolds and two for the kobold with surprise.

One kobold hit with his attack as Vayne was flat footed and did a minimal amount of damage while all of Vayne and Scratch’s attacks hit. An additional one attack hit from a kobold. I then declared that they were easily able to overcome the kobolds and they looted the kobolds. During the looting they found master crafted weapons on the kobolds. Not something that one would expect to find. Later, the Bard Quinlan was able to identify them as Zhent weapons. The Ogre Mages were being reinforced!

The second watch had Sigrid the fighter (played by my wife) find a small pool and catch some trout. She easily spotted what she thought was an orc as it tossed a javelin at her with a natural 20. The hit did not confirm the crit and Sigrid returned the favor with a well-aimed shot of her heavy crossbow. Walking up to what turned out to be a hobgoblin wearing a strange tunic she finished with a coupe de grace.  She noticed a strange symbol on the hobgoblin’s tunic of an orb which she identified as a beholder that had the hand of the beast-god Malar instead of a central eye. She also noticed Zhent master crafted weapons.

The next watch was Quilan the bard who was attacked by a dart. The dart had death adder poison and  could have killed him. He did not see the attacker nor find any food to share with the party as the survival check was not all that great.

Finally, the rogue/mage had a watch and nothing eventful happened as it was nearing dawn. He did find some rabbits to cook though.

All of these encounters took maybe 20 minutes to run though with the players and I feel that because we did not waste a lot of combat time with minimal encounters the party was able to get the gist of what was going on, the Zhents were involved, as well as get the idea that they were being watched. The big thing was that I got into some detail about each skirmish as a whole rather than the blow-by-blow fist-a-cuffs that tend to emerge with combat in DND.

As you can clearly see, all of these challenges were done within the theme of the rules and by doing them this way I was able to cut a lot of time in what would have been kind of boring monotonous combat with only one clear winner. I always prefer simple and fun to long and drawn out. Next week I will discuss another method by which you can speed up the game through roleplaying versus rolling dice for every skill check. I hope you’ll join me.

Friday, January 13, 2012

On the Road to Winter Offensive 2012!

Unless I am able to update the blog via the interweb over the weekend with pictures from demo games and the convention this will be my last post until next week. We are taking When the Navy Walked on the road to Suncoast Skirmisher's Winter Offensive 2012! This will be our first convention to be followed by MegaCon 2012 in February. If you would like to run demos of WTNW or ICFBTS at your local conventions we would love to support your efforts! Send an email to and we will hook you up with SWAG!

Next week there should be photos and AARs of the games ran at Winter Offensive! We will be using some of the new mechanics in the latest supplement Airships and Skypirates. Remember that all of our products are for sale on Wargamevault and many are available through our website. Thanks for supporting the game! As they said in Every Which Way but Loose, On the Road Again!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The ArmChair General Product Lines YTD

If you are into Victorian Steampunk or Pulp Horror Gaming we have a wide selection of products for your gaming needs! The majority of these products were developed in 2011. As we continue to gain support from our fans of our products we will continue to produce more.

What does 2012 hold? Our first major WTNW release apart from the Game Deck will be Earthin: The Hollow World featuring the story of the Protean Races as well as the development of Earthin. The game will feature detailed stories about the Lost Tribes of Topside and the mechanics for running games using dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts.

We hope to continue to gain steam into 2012 and are looking to see an increase in sales activity to help us produce more high quality gaming products for your VSF and Pulp gaming needs. Thank you for supporting us. It has been a good start and now we look to the future.

Our Wargame Vault site

Products of The ArmChair General

When the Navy Walked Second Edition
When the Navy Walked Second Edition Revised
When the Navy Walked Quickplay
When the Navy Walked Pax Limpopo
When the Navy Walked: Conflict on Mars
When the Navy Walked: Airships and Skypirates
When the Navy Walked: Rorke's Drift
When the Navy Walked: Core Game Deck

It Came from Beyond the Still
It Came from Beyond the Still: Weapons Locker

Products of The ArmChair General and Partners

Miniatures - JTFM Enterprises

Zyklops German Landship
German Regular Infantry 2 poses (+2 coming soon)
German Elite Infantry 2 poses (+2 coming soon)
German Command Pack (Coming Soon)
Littleton British Landship (Coming soon)
British Regular Infantry 2 poses (+2 coming soon)
British Elite Infantry 2 poses (+2 coming soon)
British Command Pack (Coming Soon)
French Regular Infantry 2 poses (+2 coming soon)
French Elite Infantry 2 poses (+2 coming soon)
French Command Pack (Coming Soon)
Cyclosoramia American Landship (Coming Soon)
American Regular Infantry 2 poses (+2 coming soon)
American Elite Infantry 2 poses (+2 coming soon)
American Command Pack (Coming Soon)
Martian Gaal Birdmen Regular Infantry 2 Poses (Coming Soon)
Martian Gaal Birdmen Elite Infantry 2 Poses (Coming Soon)

Miniatures - Rebel Minis Enterprises

Gray Abduction Packs
Gray Telepath Packs
Gray Skvani Warwalker

Know Your Roots

I have always been very interested in genealogy and heritage. My parents would always tell me stories of my ancestors how we are a mixture of Irish, Scottish, German, English and Native American. It was fun listening to my grandfather on my mother's side talk about his side of the family who immigrated from Ireland as clan McElgun. My father's side the Adams, Dells and MacKinlays are of Scottish, German, and Irish decent.

I started doing a little digging and found out that we have some bonefide heroes in our family tree including people who fought in the American Revolutionary War, War Between the States, Korea and Vietnam as well as a multitude of other skirmishes and explorations into the New World.

Anyone who has tried to track down ancestors pre 1900s will tell you that it is not that easy. Luckily apparently much of the work was done for me because as I continued my search and found that we have many relatives who are into mapping out our history. I encourage you to check it out yourself for your own family if this is something that interests you. The new technology available is amazing and there are a good deal amount of electronic records available online.

I have so far only been able to track down my father's side of the family back to Ireland and England and that is specifically only on his father's side. My father's mother's side of the family remains a mystery although I do have her name and plan on searching for it in Dawes as I am told it is largely Cherokee and Native American heritage. 

This has been a really fun project for me and a few family members have already contacted me with information regarding my mother's side of the family. I have not yet started on that side but I am sure we will end up somewhere in Germany from my grandma Ann and in Ireland from my Grandpa Robert. 

Although this is not gaming related per-se for me this has been a really fun exercise. So far I have been lucky in that a lot of the work has been done already but I plan on keeping the records straight. So come check out my genealogy at The Adams Tribal Page. The names of living persons are hidden for security purposes.

DM Advice - There's No Rule for That!

Almost every tenured DM has faced the challenge where a player character wanted to do something that was not covered by the rules. It could be that they want to use illusionary magic to cause an effect not covered by the rules. Alternatively, they could be attempting to do something that is just not entirely described in the rules per se like creating a new magical item using a combination of spells and feats. What should a DM do when they encounter such a situation?

As I have said countless times in this blog for me the game is about telling stories and having fun. Sometimes the rules help move the fun along and other times the rules can cause the fun to become stagnate as the DM and possibly others sit around a table looking up esoteric rules for these situations. What then can the DM do to prevent the eventual bog-down of cross-referencing rules to the point of game shutdown? Well two things can help this really resources and politics.

Here there are many options including online resources, electronic resources, spot rulings and telling the player no. You can start by using online resources such as the d20 Pathfinder SRD and electronic pdfs of the Pathfinder books to make your rules searches more efficient. Sometimes a situation exists where there is no rule that is apparent and you must make an on-the-spot ruling (usually in the favor of the creative player). You could also use a similar rule to apply to this particular circumstance. For instance if you have a character wishing to lower another character from a dangling rope although the rules do not specifically detail this in climb you could either use a climb or a strength check depending on the circumstances. Lastly, and this is my least favorite, you just tell the player that it cannot be done.

Online Resources
There are countless online resources that I use in my games every session including Tavern NameGenerators, NPC Generators, Baby Name Lists, Town Name Generators, Random NameGenerators, Wikis of the Campaign World and the irreplaceable D20PathfinderSRD. The really cool thing about online resources is that you can use these during the game if you have a laptop or a tablet pc very easily. I use a laptop during our games to quickly cross-reference the rules and to look up important information on-the-fly.

Electronic Resources
If you purchase a store copy of the book, oftentimes the game companies run sales that allow you to pick up the pdf for pennies compared to the actual book cost. I find this invaluable as the number of times I have used an electronic copy of a book to quickly lookup a rule has far surpassed the amount of money that I paid for the product in terms of time spent looking up the answer.

Apart from electronic copies of the rules and campaign settings you might also want to check out programs specifically designed to help facilitate the game such as DM Genie or Hero Lab. For those DMs who run games virtually there are also tabletop roleplaying programs complete with virtual tabletops.

Spot Rulings
These can be tricky so I usually keep them to a minimum if at all possible because players prefer that the DM is using a set of standards that they can relate to. My situation is most likely different from their situation and although my grandfather’s family might own a dairy and I might have grown up with farm animals and know some very relevant details about a horse and exactly what it can do I prefer to allow the rules to speak to the majority of the situations that arise. Regardless of my preference however this article is specifically about what to do when there is no ruling and as such I would say that a DMs best bet for on-the-spot rulings is to be fair, be concise and be realistic as possible.

As an example, the players just had the cavern floor under them disintegrated by a beholder with a special feat that allowed him to do that. One, you do NOT have to tell the players that this is the reason and if they ask you can just smile. Two, I would have the players fall and take damage for falling. Three, hopefully you had already calculated the distance they fall.  Perhaps you decide to allow for a Reflex save for all players to leap out of the way at the cost of their next move action? It’s really up to you as the DM but I would personally allow for the elective save of some kind by the players. If a creative player tries to use say his quarterstaff as a stick to help him leap out of the way of the falling floor maybe give him a +2 bonus. Nasty trick? Yep. In general I like to use the +2,-2, +4, -4, +6,-6, +8,-8 modifiers to rolls depending on the difficulty of the situation. Regardless of your spot ruling, stick to it for the situation at hand and try to develop a consistent approach.

Similar Rule
A player wants to do the classic swashbuckler maneuver of sliding down the sails using his knife. In Pathfinder at least I know there are no specific rules that cover this in the main book. A similar rule might be climb or it might be a combination of checks. In this case I might have the player make a climb check followed by an acrobatics check. If both were successful, he was able to perform the maneuver.

Another example would be controlling a summoned creature while inside of an obscuring mist or attempting to locate targets while inside an obscuring mist. In this situation, what I decided to do was to tell the player that he had to summon he creature directly outside of the mists close to his character and that I would then take the summoned creature and attack the nearest enemy of the character until no enemies were within sight. For the spell I told him that he would have to guess the location of the enemies and that, there was a chance that he would miss and not only miss but might end up hitting his friends if they were within close proximity to his targets. This is because obscuring mist blinds anyone inside of the mist and would therefore have detrimental effects on anyone attempting to control within the sphere of the spell. I am not saying that these rulings are cannon but they worked for me and they seemed to be fair to the players. Warning: This should be used sparingly as players will learn quickly that they can overcome the rules by being ‘creative’ and it might create a problem for the other players.

No is a word that DMs use too often that players despise. When I run a game I try to allow players to be  creative but within certain limits. Normally everyone knows these limits but sometimes when we have a new player for instance, the limits are pushed. In these situations it is OK for the DM to simply say no. If countered with ‘well this is how the book does it’ you have a choice to make. You could either stick to your original no or you could look up the rule for yourself. If you stick to your original no you could tell the player that you will discuss it with them after the game or look up the rule after the game. If you look up the rule for yourself, you might be in for a bit of a ride.

I hate to say it but in many situations players seem to like to take rules from one area of a specific situation and attempt to apply the same rule to a completely different area or situation. In some cases they also quote material that is not cannon or is from alternate sources. This is where you as a DM have to be careful of engaging in rules disputes with potential rules lawyers. It has been my experience this is a very dangerous zone that can lead to players becoming increasingly frustrated. Again, the bottom line is that it is your call as the DM to make these calls. If it doesn’t make sense to you then tell the player no. If later you learn that this is a rule in the book either make a house ruling that says they cannot use this rule or apologize to the player and allow them to do it in the future.

A DM has to be many things: the enemies of the players, the voices of the kindly and vengeful NPCs, the eyes, ears and senses of the players, the creator of the world and the arbitrator of rules. This takes a great deal of political acumen to bring everyone together to tell an impromptu story with rules that are never going to cover every possibly situation or avenue. The best and most important tool that a DM can have in his toolkit is patience, understanding and political understanding. Imagination is very important as is the ability to be a ham at times but the biggest threat to games is the inability of a DM to allow the players to play heroes of the campaign world rather than just allowing them to play second fiddle to the major NPCs of the world who do everything and are all powerful. As a DM you have great power and great responsibility. Remember DMs – be humble but use your power if necessary.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Then there were More

Thrum Mountainaxe, a human with dwarven blood has now joined the Kingmaker game. If you are following along they are in the tavern in Brevoy in called Umberhulk's Wake. They have just met and are about to start on the trek to Olag's Trading Post in the morning. This is a play by post game in which the players will be playing the Kingmaker Pathfinder Adventure Path. You can follow along here and the follow the forum here.

Octavia - Summoner
Scionus Silverhairwhotalkstoomuch - Gnome Illusionist
Paw'le'eir - Polymorphed Elf "Cat" Sorcerer
Drex - Rogue
Grunyar Stonefist - Dwarf Oracle of Stone
Thrum Mountainaxe - Monk

Monday, January 9, 2012

It Came from Beyond the Still - Weapons Closet

We are putting together rules for customizing your troops for the game. This will include additional scenarios and weapons for use in the It Came From Beyond the Still Game. Fun hillbilly weapons such as the Spud Cannon and Revenuer Weapons like the Mancatcher. Special thanks to Andy (Cultist#3) of Lead Adventurer Forum who has generously helped with this supplement which will be available soon from The ArmChair General.

This is now available as a pdf download from Wargamevault

Using Cards in WTNW

In order to make game play more fluid we have started using cards to show orders. Although we have created a set of cards specifically for the game, you can use regular playing cards. Divide the cards up by suits giving one red suit and one black suit to each player or group of players. If necessary, use multiple packs of playing cards. It is a good idea for the players to pick up their cards and put them in a stack. This way the opposing player will not be able to count how many reds or blacks you may have remaining.

At the start of each phase, all players place a card face down on the table for each unit. The red cards indicate that the unit is being activated for this phase (ie firing in the shooting phase) and the black indicates a hold order meaning no action was given to this unit this phase.

For sabotage versus espionage, we use red as the activation and black as hold as per the normal but face cards indicate sabotage whereas low cards indicate espionage. During the sabotage phase of the game after all cards are placed the sabotage cards are revealed first by both sides followed by espionage cards.

You can also use a different set of cards to give two sets of 2-12 for internal hits thereby doubling the chances of a critical and use the cards in correspondence with the chart instead of rolling on the chart. You can do the same for sabotage tables. In this way, everyone can ensure fairness during the game and this coupled with the initiative rule allows for tournament play for When the Navy Walked.

Friday, January 6, 2012

When the Navy Walked On Historicon 2012

I am considering very possibly attending Historicon 2012 this year to showcase the various games. I have never been to Historicon and am excited about the prospect of going to this very large gaming convention. I need some volunteers who know the rules well enough to help me put on several demos of the game. I am thinking games involving ground to air forces, airfleets only and aether forces as well as games set on Mars and in Earthin.

If I can get the approval I would like to get three tables to run games in one area of the convention. I will require one GM for each table and would like to put on about 12 games over the course of the convention. You would be free to design your own games or use any of our published scenarios.You could run as many games as you wish. Anyone that volunteers to run as a demo team will recieve a demo team tee shirt as well as some free product. This is it folks! This is the official launch of what I hope to be a great gaming company. Please let me know if you are interested.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

WTNW - Core Game Deck! PDF and Preorders

I have just finished working on cards for the When the Navy Walked game. These cards are intended to make game play faster and keep record keeping to a minimum. The cards are divided into four sections; Internal Hits, Sabotage, Orders, and Conditions. These cards are for use with WTNW Core Revised. Should this project be successful we will develop other card packs for the supplements.

Internal Hits
The Internal Hits cards can be shuffled together and drawn instead of rolling on the Internal Hits chart. In addition, once a machine or capital unit suffers an Internal Hit the card can be placed up next to the unit thereby keeping a record of the effects of the hit.

The Sabotage cards should be segregated into separate decks, one for machines and capital units and one for ground units. In lieu of rolling on the table the cards can be drawn from the deck and the results applied to the sabotaged unit.

The Orders cards should be extremely helpful. These cards show the orders given for a unit. Included with these cards is a new order The Hold Order. On each phase all players should place a card face down beside all of their units. In this way orders can be given in secret and neither side knows which enemy unit is actually being activated that phase.

Example: The German player has four units and wishes to shoot two of them. He places two shooting orders for the units that are going to receive the shoot order and two hold orders for the units that are not firing. Before the activation both players simultaneously flip over all of their cards revealing the units firing and those holding.

Important: Players reveal their orders simultaneously with the exception of the Sabotage order. During the sabotage phase it is necessary for a player to show all units that are committing sabotage and declare the target of their sabotage before the remainder of the cards are shown.

Example: The German player is committing sabotage from his Herr Untermarden Gizmos upon the Littleton Landship of the British. The British commander does not commit sabotage this turn. The German player is not using espionage. The British player is using Espionage on his Royce Armored Destroyers.  Both players mark all units, the German player giving the Herr Untermarten Gizmos a sabotage order and the remainder of his units a hold order. The British player places an Espionage order on his Royce Armored Destroyers.

These cards show the condition of a unit such as Shaken, Routed, and Disordered and should be placed face up beside the unit to indicate its condition.

WTNW Core - Game Deck Available Now!

Preorder the WTNW Core Game Deck! I am taking preorders for the printed version of the Game Deck for $20.00 usd plus shipping. If you are interested in obtaining a preorder for February please email with the subject Preorder Game Deck.  All pre-orders will receive a free copy of When the Navy Walked Airships and Skypirates in pdf form, our newest supplement!  Thank you!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MegaCon 2012 - Short Attention Span Games

It's official! I will be down in Orlando, Florida for MegaCon 2012 this year working as a vendor with ScryingEye Games. I will have products of When the Navy Walked available for sale. In addition I will be running five short attention span games. Dominic and several others at MegaCon wanted to try out something new this year.

The format for the games are such as to be played quickly. These games are designed to be fast and furious and to be played in around an hour. The games are designed for people new to gaming to be able to experience the fun of roleplaying. I will be running as the official Scrying Eye Games representative and will be using their wonderful topo tiles and other maps for the games. I hope you can come out and support Scrying Eye Games and MegaCon.

I Jedi
Players: Six
System: Star Wars
Running Time: Approximately One hour
GM: Rob Adams
Description: It is the Old Republic. A war has broken out between the Republic and the Sith on a distant planet. The council has ordered an evacuation of the people of Sulan, a remote trading post deep in Sith territory. Your group of Jedi are to hold Sulian Pass at all costs.The sith are coming! This game is sponsored by Scrying Eye Games.

Lycan Rumble
Players: Six
System: Vampire, Old World of Darkness
Running Time: Approximately One hour
GM: Rob Adams
Description: Prince Marcus has instructed your coterie to investigate the suspected appearance of the lycans in the chinatown district. When you find them. Kill them. This game is sponsored by Scrying Eye Games.

A Seeker is Made
Players: Six
System: Pathfinder
Running Time: Approximately One hour
GM: Rob Adams
Description: Your party has recently found the legendary Box of Ordin. With it you will become rich and can overcome the tyrant Darken Rhal once and for all but unfortunately you have to escape the dungeon of Laeak the Ogre Magi and his monstrous horde and save the Princess of Damara. Loosely based on Terry Goodkinds A Wizards First Rule. This game is sponsored by Scrying Eye Games.

The Underworld
Players: Six
System: Pathfinder
Running Time: Approximately One hour
GM: Rob Adams
Description:The Keeper has tricked you into a rift and now you must fight your way out of the hordes of banelings and other creatures of the underworld. Will you find the Legendary Sword of Truth before its too late?  Loosely based on Terry Goodkinds A Wizards First Rule. This game is sponsored by Scrying Eye Games.

Mail Run
Players: Six
System: Mongoose Traveler
Running Time: Approximately One hour
GM: Rob Adams
Description:You ship the Invictis just completed a one week jump of six parsecs heading to the Humanati outpost of Loran. A ship appears on the port and it begins to rapidly approach the Invictis blasting a hole in the side of the cargo bay. As it approaches your Eurisko combat program takes over but the blasted ship continues to dodge the shots. As they slam into the side of your ship and engage docking clamps out of the smoke you can see the wolf snouts of Verger pirates. What could possibly be in this mail run? This game is sponsored by Scrying Eye Games.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Middle Ages - Morris Bishop

I just finished Morris Bishops book The Middle Ages and was extremely pleased with the author's attention to detail as well as the format of the book and including the general flow and feel. Bishop does a fantastic job guiding the reader from the Romeo-British Carrolingian period through to the Early Middle Ages through the Dark Ages to the spurring of the Renaissance. This book is complete and full of very detailed descriptions of medieval life from the lowly serf to the noble lord. The book adequately covers the differences between feudalism and manorialism and illustrates the art of war, the art of architecture and the life of both the serf and noble. Bishop does an admirable job of defending the enlightened discoveries of the medieval times. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is a scholar of medieval history or who is interested in the period.

Skeletons Invade!

It was not yet nine in the morning. We had not yet had our morning tea when a commotion abounded and General Merrywinkles  came rushing out from the privy shouting obscenities. The host of walking corpses were too much for poor Miss Magpie who immediately feinted from the sight of such unruly behavior. It was up to Chapman, Bugler and myself to defend Her Lady Erime as we stood in the common waiting for the retched tumblers.

Suncoast Skirmishers Winter Offensive 2012!

I will be at Suncoast Skirmisher's Winter Offensive 2012 on January 14th running demos of the game When the Navy Walked in the second session. We will have copies of all three books for sale! We would love for you to come out and support the game!

Monday, January 2, 2012

WTNW Initiative Errata

When the Navy Walked Initiative Errata
After determining the number of Command Points per side each player will roll 1d6 until there are no ties. The player with the highest number has the initiative for the turn and may decide if they wish to move first or if they wish their opponent to move first. Movement is still handled in the order of command values and this rule is only used when units of equal command value are moved. For example: Fredric the Great's Steam Spiders are Command Value 12 and Nigel's Royce Armed Destroyers are Command Value 12. At the start of the turn Fredric won initiative and so is able to determine if he wishes to move his Steam Spiders before Nigel can move his Armed Destroyers.