Saturday, July 30, 2011

SuperDungeon - Session VII

Bear Baiting... That's what they did. The party came up with an ingenious idea to get into the Orc town. They paid a ranger in town to get a bear, paid the blacksmith for a cage, dressed up like gypsies and went into the orc town to provide 'entertainment'. Here's what happened in brief.

 The Meeting
Party discusses scouting the orc village while they are in the comfort of the Inn. A scout delivers a map of the orc town to the party and tells them that there were maybe a hundred orcs and a little less goblins. The party decides that that means that there are probably around 30 orc warriors and the same number of goblins. They spend the early morning purchasing supplies.

CoTS - World Stone - Session IV

Tonight they face a cult of Beholders and Mind Flayers dedicated upon sundering the World Stone! Can they stop the master sorcerer Mind Flayer and the Beholder Eye Tyrant before it's too late?

The party entered the cavern killed the gricks and managed to defeat one of the beholders and their grimlock allies before being attacked by the Eye Tyrant and another beholder.

We called it a night and will pick up with the fight with the Eye Tyrant on Friday.

Friday, July 29, 2011

WTNW Figures Are Off to the Spincaster!

Jeff from JTFM says
"Here's a quick peek at some painted samples. Outstanding brush work by Helen Bachaus.   Pics of the French, Germans, and Brits hopefully end of next week.

Based on my spincasters schedule I hope the figures will be ready for sale by end of August.

Plenty of uses for these 18 mm's no doubt."

Black Flags and Merchantmen

This is the name of the pirate game being developed at The ArmChair General. I am working on getting a fast-play skirmish game that allows the use of 28mm pirate figures and 28mm powers figures. This game will feature multiple aspects of the Golden Age of Piracy including the truth and the fantasy that surrounds piracy. The game will also include a great deal of history on the high seas, criminal implications of piracy and have an optional rules set for ship only combat. This will allow a group to play either historically accurate or play with a bit of 'buried treasure' as they see fit.

What would you like to see in a pirate skirmish miniatures game?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Pirates of Dark Water, Dungeon and Dragons the Series, Zelda, Johnny Quest, Top Cat. We all have favorites. In many games I've been in and ran I've used and seen plots and themes from cartoons from my childhood and from cartoons that are currently running. Who hasn't used a Macross or Cowboy Bebop type with an anime or gritty sci fi game like Shadowrun? Who hasn't tossed in a bit of the old dungeons and dragons in their dnd games? Who hasn't thought about beating cobra or VIPER (if you remember MASK) and what fan of cartoons would forget Thunder - Thunder Thunder Cats - HO!

What was your favorite cartoon growing up?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SuperDungeon - Session VI

At midnight the party returns to the room where they defeated the goblins. They find the door where Meg heard the voices. It is an Iron Door and is protected by a Fire Trap which the Rogue was unable to find. The trap goes off and singes the party.

Inside the room they find a desk, fireplace and a bed. Sigrid searches the room and finds a chest tucked under the bed. Meg and Quinlan listen at the door and hear draconic voices. The voices say "Why do I always end up with crummy guard duty? What's so valuable that we need to guard this corridor anyway?" Another voice says "Will you shut up before I turn you into a fine pair of boots!" The party chuckles at their good fortune as they realize that the voices apparently are so engaged in conversation that they do not hear the party behind the door.

"Well I'm checking anyway." the door opens and a battle ensues in which the party is engaged by two small lizardmen types called skinks. The skinks put up a good fight but Meg is able to overcome one with a charm ability and the skink goes off in search of 'help for his new friends.'

Meanwhile the party searches the chest and finds a burning hands trap which they are able to disable. Then more voices is heard down the hallway as Megs 'friend' approaches with several lizardmen and a bunch of skinks. At that point the party leaves attempting a ruse by telling the lizardmen that "Kol is waiting for them".  They succeed in bluff checks and the lizardmen guard the room while they steal the treasure behind closed doors.

OR is he?
Later Meg is contacted by an entity who shows her the orc village and says "This is where Kol is. Find him and kill him."

The party heads to the town to warn of the impending attack.

In town
That morning the magistrate and the party meet to discuss battle plans and defensive plans against an attack that never comes. They do an excellent job of fortifying their position but no attacker shows.

Total XP 800/4 =200xp each

SuperDungeon - Session V

Return to the Mine
The party enters the mine to find the pit trap has been reset!  They explore the graveyard and find that the mausoleum is undisturbed. Further exploration reveals that two of the graves were recently disturbed as the earth appears newly tilled. I roll for a random trap on the mausoleum door and it is a basic arrow trap. The party however does not go into the mausoleum as I expected and instead returned to the stairs in the room with the sliding door inside the mine where they find three sacks containing a total of 200 gp and 4000 cp.

A Magic mouth appears on the wall and says in Abysal "Ye who steal from this place will perish by the setting of the sun!" The mouth spits out green dust and the entire party is forced to make fortitude saves. All succeed except Tyne on whom an hourglass shape appears on her forehead. It begins to drain the sands as if time is ticking away. A great deal of discussion later and Tyne frantically downs the poltice that the Witch of Weejas made for him and it canceled the spell (it was an ingested dispell magic).

The Enemy of My Enemy is my Enemy
The party continues to explore the map and finds the next room's door unlocked that contains a steep ledge and shaft and a pillory. Inside the room is a hobgoblin and four goblins who are eating at a table. The party surprises the goblins and a fight ensues. During the fight the goblins are reinforced by four more goblins in the corridor. Before he dies one goblin says to Meg "You are not human" before Meg's greatsword slices the critter in half.

After the party destroys the goblins and defeats the hobgoblin they approach another room. Meg listens at the door and can make out the following words from the muffled voices inside. "The Black Ride. The meeting. Noon. Retaliation. 15,000 gp, Master WeJass, Magistrate Van Reede. Kol."

Severely wounded from the fight with the goblins and not wanting to take on another foe the party retreats to the room with the magic mouth to rest. During the night Sigrid hears a group of people going through the room and then something speaking in a strange language which Meg is able to identify as Abyssal. Meg at this time admits she is a Succubus but is on the path of Light. There is much discussion about if they should trust her.

Could the Magistrate be behind the mine hauntings? The party heads back to warn the town of the attack!

XP Awarded
 - Poison Gas Trap CR 2 - 600 xp
 - Portcullis - CR1 - 300 xp
 - Goblins and Hobgoblin CR 2 - 600xp
 - Goblins in Corridor CR 1 - 300xp
Total xp = 1800/4 - 450xp each.

Movie Review - Suckerpunch

Other than scantily clad women running around doing cool fighting moves and fighting the bad guys what was the point of this movie? Graphics were cool but the plot seemed flat somehow. I get the whole 'we're our own angels bit' but what was the point? I will say that the old psychiatry stuff was interesting such as the the lobotomy and shock treatment. Still, the movie fell flat for me. What are your thoughts?

I give it two out of five stars.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wanna Be A Pirate?

Aye, are ye too lubber ta get wet? If'n ye like adventure on the high seas then this Friday yer wanna go come and see fer yerself. Yer matey here is hosting a pirate game using a rules that arg not yet ready fer distribution but argh still in development. The set will use thar fine Arsenale Shipwork line of sailing vessels. We set sail at 7pm. The Spanish have a legend about a hidden city deep in the Jungles of the Spanish Main. If yer brave enough ta take on fellow pirates, natives and monsters then plunder, fame and fortune await ye but beware the Spanish have a saying about those that cross the Gobbos!

The adventure awaits! Set sail 7pm EST or ye a scallywag of a devil's belly!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Flash Fearsday - 140 Character Horror Story

Flash Fearsday was started by Porky but it is now hosted at Lunching on Lamias. Here's mine.

The zombies ate brains but they never got smarter. The cheerleader wept. The horror.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Full Thrust - Chaos versus Imperials

Pop and I played a game of Full Thrust last night. We used identical ship sats and I played the Chaos and he played the Imperials. I tossed in a Deathstar and the Raider Battlestation for fun but they were just for show. The objective of the game was complete annihilation.

I rushed him this time. I positioned my ships by the planet and near the moon in a protected formation taking cover from the planet and the nearby moons and fired off all of my missiles tearing his capital ships into small pieces. He fired back his missiles but held a few in reserve. That turned out to be a bad move as I knocked out his missile launchers before he was able to fire the remaining one. The battle lasted only six turns or so but it ended in a glorious victory for the agents of Tzeentch!

One lone light cruiser was able to escape from the clutches of the Emperor’s Bane Heavy Cruiser his radio traffic picked up by nearby Hivefleet Lazarus.  His fate is unknown…

I have all the details and some of the pictures for the Superdungeon sessions VI and VII and will post them later this evening if I get the chance.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Steampunk Toys

While not 'gaming' related this is surely geek related. Some of you already know that I do a lot of various reenacting and costuming such as 501st Vader's Fist, Cowford Steampunk Society and St Augustine Swashbucklers. Yesterday at the Cowford meeting we discussed steampunk guns and how to build them.

Well Von Zephyr Industries has developed a steam-powered hand cannon that we have named Leistungsstarke dampf pistole and a smaller one we call Dampf pistole. These guns while not for the feint of heart can provide hours of cosplay entertainment for even the most avid steampunk affectionado.

Utilizing an experimental and highly volitile admixture of steam and cholorine gas the Leistungsstarke dampf pistole is capable of expelling a bullet at almost fifty kilometers per second! The smaller Dampf pistole uses a portable steam turbine to power and a slight electrical charge which is built up in the sembian coils. When fired both guns emit a low frequency vibration that is detectable to lower primates.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WTNW Figures & Core Facelift Update

The first eight skus for the miniatures had a bit of a setback due to the Canadian Postal Strike but we're back on track for getting them spin cast and ready for sale! The Leader figures for the four nations are currently being sculpted and will be available sometime after the first eight skus hit the shelves!

The Core book is looking fantastic! The book looks so much better with James' artwork and with a two column layout I must say. The scenarios and additional player help seems to fit it all together nicely for new players and for people that want to jump right in! Look for the new version of Core on pdf soon!

Thank you to all our fans, without whom WTNW would be completely without of steam.

Scrying Eye Games Tiles at Ancient City Con

Here are some more pictures of the Space Opera game I ran at Ancient City Con V this year. These are the Scrying Eye Games tiles from their Starship Interiors and Starship Interiors expansions sets. The 3d terrain is from Frozen Planet. Watch out for that Ray Gun!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

40K Blood Angels

I painted these up for pop. Simple blood red with some white and yellow highlights and the brass and metal for the guns. I grassed the base of the Dreadnought last night after taking these pictures too.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ancient City Con V - Photos

Overall the con was a blast. We went by there Saturday all day and came home really late. I got to hang out with my steampunk group - The Cowford Steampunk Society and the 501st Vader's Legion. I think I am going to join the 501st as an Imperial Officer. I am also working on my Steampunk stuff still. It was great catching up with all of my old friends.

It Came from Beyond the Galactic Reaches
The Space Opera game went well. While I did not have as many players as I would have liked we did have a full table. The explosion in the cargo hold of the ship started off the game. The players rushed back there but saw the droids acting erratically. Luke sensed a dark side force user behind the door and Sam Carter used her abilities to get the droid fixed. The Jedi used his mind control and attempted to make contact with the dark force user who was overcome by Skywalker's force so much that Skywalker was able to rifle through the dark force user's mind and put her to sleep. A sith!

They were able to get into the door when Skywalker used his move object powers to open the door since it would not take their access cards. Once inside they witnessed and took place in a firefight between Stormtroopers and the ships' security guards. The STs were taking something from the ship - looked like two naquada reactors. During this particular battle some of my friends from the 501'st came by and made us all know exactly how well they would like us if their comrades in arms fell to the 'rebels'.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ancient City Con - Games Scheduled - Hotel Bound

We will be at Ancient City Con V tomorrow and possibly Sunday. I hope to see some of you there!

Yes we will have books available and I and my wife will be in Steampunk fashion!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From Under a Rock - Why Do We Game?

I have given this a great deal of thought as of late. What separates us from the mundane normal people? Is it some spark of creativity that needs to find an outlet in miniatures gaming or role-playing? Are our ideas literally bursting forth from our imagination and do they need to breathe for us to become fully satiated? Is it not enough that we game? Why do we challenge those around us? What makes us different?

We need to create...

Must we continually improve our hobby with our research and our input? For some of us it is truly an expression of explosive thought while others want to learn as much about their past and history as they are able to. What separates us from the fold? I do not know exactly but I think that all of us gamers seem to have the need to create in common. Whether it be creating a new layout to recreate a battle fought long ago to developing entire worlds with which to explore and populate.

We need to invent.

But that's not enough is it? Somewhere deep inside us is the need to invent another idea that no one else has yet fathomed. Why? Are we related to the inventors of the past and how can we use that inventive spark to our advantage when we are gaming and when we are outside in the real world? Do we use progress charts? Some gamers have reams of paper dedicated to their ideas. I would be willing to bet you have at least a few loose papers of ideas floating around.
We need to live in a fantasy world...

This is probably a hot topic. Some would agree with me. Some would definitely disagree with me but once again I find that we as a gamer collective seem to be culled from people who enjoy daydreaming and probably spent a good deal of our time in school, at work and at home daydreaming about faraway distant and in some cases fictional places.

We must see our creation through...

When we develop an idea and give it life we then want to see if that creation can survive time. What is it about the test of time that makes us want to judge our developments? What is it that makes us want to wander? If my elf bladesinger is just able to make it to level fourteen , but then it's level fifteen. It's almost like we cannot stop at saving the princess we must find the princess, defeat the villain, stop the plot, save the world and write an epic of our stuggles all the while enjoying the detachment that we get from creating something. That's really it. We are creators.

Gamers are NOT average people...

In the world around us we see the mundanes and somehow we also know things. Maybe not always everything that they don't but we see something. With our exceptional penchant for our own version of reality and daydreaming put together with a dose of hard facts we are a force to be reckoned with. I dare say take any gamer worth his salt and put him against any football fan and see who would do better against Ken in Jeopardy. We just know things and we are the most of us very smart and intellectual people.

We challenge what others accept as 'it is what it is'...

We cannot stand when something doesn't make sense. Even when the rest of the world cannot seem to figure out what we mean and why we are so obstinate we just cannot stand something that is broken. We know what's broken. You should know what we know. If you do not know then it is your fault. We can be very obtuse and obstinate but that gives us an edge in the gaming world. We enjoy debates and most of us seem to enjoy a verbal dual but we cannot stand cliches like 'it is what it is' and 'well that's the way the cookie crumbles' or even '2+2=4' because in our minds those are mutable facts. In fact some of us, myself included, seem to really challenge the status quo. And because of that the status quo hates us. What the do not understand they seek to destroy. It is a fact.

We cannot fathom why they cannot use their imaginations the way we can...

This is really the rub isn't it? We cannot understand why they refuse to engage in something as rewarding a hobby as ours. When we sit down to do battle with one another or to explore a hidden crypt that may contain ancient evil we just do not understand why they would rather sit and watch a reality tv show than to get into this really awesome adventure.

In the end, we game because it is in our blood. Happy gaming!

Images in this post from Marktoon and are used with permission. Check out his stuff. It's great!