Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Mansion of Madness - The Fall of House Lynch

Poor Walter has gone missing and the investigators have to go get him. I played the keeper while dad, Rick and his son Ethan played the investigators.

My objective was to get a nasty beast summoned while their's was just to find the clues that allowed them to stop the mansion from eating the town. The game took about 30 minutes to setup and about 30 minutes to read through the rules so that everyone was comfortable with them.

 The game had both the investigators and the keeper racing against the clock. There's a lot to do a as a keeper. My tip is to get as much threat tokens as you can and horde them but still use them when you need them.

The monsters were cool. I had zombies and maniacs. The maniac was a lot of fun. Think Jason is chasing you down the hall with a knife! He was really fun for me and got me a lot of needed investigator samples (hair, teeth the skull from the professor that he was no longer needing after he died on the stairs when Walter's zombie wife ate his face) so they proved to be a bunch of fun. You really have to play it right as the investigators too.

The game had a very good sense of horror and forboding about it. Each of the cards although specifically setup in specific locations (known as seeding) all had a very good theme to them and lent a nice mood to the game. In the end though the time ran out and poor walter's plan of allowing a great elder beast to devour Arkham failed.

The highlights of the game were a zombies and maniacs and a grand finale of a shaggoth!
Mansions of Madness was a really fun board game. They beat me but I did get a Shaggoth!

Cards and Tzeentch Army for Sale!

I am selling these. Make an offer.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pre-Gen Characters for Cthulhu Games

I am running two games at the con for Cthulhu. One is called "The Pit" and the other is "The Riddle of Tindalos" Guess which mythos beast it features... The idea is that I've already done the pregenerated characters so they are all ready to play. There is a mixture of professions just like you would expect with a bunch of investigators in Arkham in the 20s. I have this idea that I am going to hand them the characters and then let them pick. Once they pick their characters I am going to give them this sheet of adjectives and ask them to each pick two from the first column and one from each of the other two columns. Then I will ask them to write a quick sentence or paragraph using those adjectives to describe their characters. Should be a great bunch of fun and give the players something more than just pregens.

Here's the list

Gaming Tomorrow My House - RobCon IV

It's an impromptu RobCon IV!

We are planning on kicking it off around 12noonish to 1pm and playing until later that evening. I have the house all day. What's on the agenda? Well so far we have Full Thrust, Dirtside II, WTNW, Mansions of Madness and other games planned as possibles.

Who is invited?

You are!

Come on out!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ancient City Con - Games Scheduled - Space Opera Roll Call

I've been mulling over what to use as the PCs for the past few days for the Space Opera. I knew I wanted one of them to be The Doctor. I went ahead and decided to go with some classic scifi characters that will be playable for the PCs.

I am using the base rules from the D20 Modern game. The game will have a classic scifi/retro feel to it and will feature many aliens and enemies. I will not spoil the ending but there may or may not be a ray gun capable of destroying planets involved...

Here's the cast of the PCs characters (Thanks to LaughingFerret for the last three ideas). As a Browncoat I am ashamed I did not think of Mal. I have never really gotten into Farscape however.

  • The Doctor
  • Lt. Juan "Johnnie" Rico
  • Cmdr William Riker
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Starbuck
  • Paul Atreides
  • Lt. Ellen Ripley
  • Cmdr Samantha Carter
  • Dr. Leonard McCoy "Bones"
  • John Crichton
  • Malcolm Reynolds

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pathfinder Society

I have been in contact with Dominick who runs the pathfinder events here in Florida regarding joining up and doing some judging at cons for the Pathfinder Society. I used to be an RPGA Judge back in the old AD&D Living City days. I took a look at Paizo's site regarding the society and I really liked what I saw. This version of the living campaign appeals to me in a many ways.

So Mel and I will probably be playing some Pathfinder at Ancient City con as well as running the Cthulhu and Space Opera games. Should be a lot of fun. I am thinking of playing a cleric.

I'd like to know if any of you are part of the society? If so what do you think? Care to give me any pointers as either a judge or a player?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Road to Baghdad - Microarmor at Borderlands 062211

Upcoming Point Man Force on Force demo!

I will be running the scenario Thunder Road from the Road to Baghdad scenario supplement. I will be using 1/285th scale Microarmor. The game will be at Borderlands Comics and Games. It will start at 7pm and run until about 9pm.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saturday Night Pickup Game - Dad's first RPG

Last night Randy and Lisel were ill and unable to come to the game so we all decided to play with our Tuesday characters to get dad into the spirit of the game. Since dad was a newbie I decided to go with something light. I gave him a Wood Elf Ranger to play and we got down to business.

The story was that the players were hired by the Lindstone family to clear out the dungeon below their 'castle' - really more of a large Manse. The pay is 1 cp per kobold, 5 cp per goblin, 1 gp per orc and 5 gp for a bugbear or ogre should they encounter them. They were asked to make sure to try to take any humaniods prisoner and that they were free to keep what they found that was not family property. Family property is known by the black charging raven carrying a goblet in its claws that it is pouring out on a red background.

The party were each given a bag and told that since they were not on the honor system they would be required to show proof of the heads of their kills. After a brief introduction between each character the group moved downstairs to explore the dungeons and the crawl began.

In the first room they encountered a stair well running down to a larger room. In the bottom room there were four floor sconces lit and banners of the Lindstone decorating the room. A portcullis to the north and a door to the east led out of the room. As the party explored the room Dracos played by Dad moved toward the door.

The door swung open and in rushed three goblins. Dad really liked the combat system and picked it up rather quickly. Mel played Sigrid and dispatched one of the goblins and Meg defeated the other while the final was destroyed with a keen shot from Dracos on his hated foe the goblin and the creature's head was taken and slammed into a door on the opposite side of the hallway. Smiling, Dracos walked down to the hallway to retrieve his kill.

Dracos could hear goblins talking at the door and the party attempted a ruse by acting like one of the goblins. A bigger voice asked them if they were some name in common and they replied yes. The Cleric of Grumish Galtor was not amused and sent Falivk his kobold sorcerer and his kobolds out a secret door to ambush the party unknown to the party.

Meg and Dracos went down the hallway and encountered the kobolds! After a failed attempt at kicking down the door, Meg successfully beat it down with her longsword and charging in she announced "Alright these are mine!" before amending it to "This one is mine!" when all was in the room as a single kobold.

Meg charged the kobold and in the next room was five orcs. Sigrid and Dracos spent the next few rounds fighting the kobolds while Meg used her abilities and charmed one of the orcs to helping her. The orcs were tough but Meg was able to defeat them all except the Cleric of Grumish . A sorcerer orc  charged the party and attacked Dracos with a ghoul touch spell but it missed. A few more rounds later and the party was cleaning up the heads of the dead.

The room with the cleric had an alter and a book of Grumish. The Lindstone banners were replaced with banners showing the one-eyed god's image. The dungeon crawl ended at this time. The players were allowed to add their gold to the Tuesday game. The xp was not copied over however I will be giving them a XP bonus next Tuesday game when we do play.

Dad had a lot of fun and picked up the game rather quickly. I think he just needs to get used to battle time (rounds) versus real-time exploration. I like to switch between the two fairly frequently and sometimes go into rounds just to keep tension up when nothing else is going on. At any rate, it was very cool to game with dad and the gang.

After the game we watched the pilot episode of The Walking Dead and after the show dad and I spent most of the morning until about 3am talking about gaming, work and life in general. It was a good time.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Present

I got this for Father's Day from my family! It looks pretty cool! Lots of figures and such. It is setup like Arkham but seems to require someone to be the Keeper. It says 2-8 players. I particularly like the color boards and the monster minis!

Dr. Who - Tom Baker

The Doctor has encountered a ray gun and a damsel in distress! Will he save the hot babe or will he save the planet of vegetarian monkeys? He only has time for one. Getting out his trusty sonic screwdriver he watches as the planet Fark comes into view on the vidscreen. He can hear the Daleks coming! Quickly Now! Brilliant!

A while back I picked up some Doctor Who figures from TMP. I believe I have everyone of the original Doctors. My plan is to paint them all up and then get the new Doctors and do them as well. Eventually, I will have all the Doctors. The Pulp terrain is from Frozen Planet - the owner and I are in negotiations for them doing the Martians for WTNW.

As far as painting the terrain I used Vallejo Brass and Chainmail as a base and applied blue and red (for the candy like red buttons) in various places on the machines. I wanted the pulpy retro sci fi terrain to look the part. For the Doctor, I used a combination of apple barrel browns and reds and a bunch of other colors for the scarf. I did not prime the figure and I have applied several coats of paint on each section. I will be applying a final coat and then liberally spraying it with Matte sealant.

What do you think?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Earth Versus the Martians Sale!

For a limited time the WTNW Bundle Earth versus the Martians is available from Wargamevault for only $15! Essentially you are getting the Martian book for five dollars! Get it while it's hot!

Earth Versus the Martians Bundle

SuperDungeon Session IV

Return of the Weary
The party returns to town licking their wounds from the attack with the fallen mites. Just as they are about to get into town Meg and Tyne begin to feel very ill. Sigrid uses her combat training and believes that they have both contracted filth fever.

They go to the Temple of the Lords to visit the Minister of AO Eion Magee who examines them and confirms Sigrid’s suspicion. The Minster makes a poultice that is horrible smelling and applies it liberally to Meg and Tyne who begin to feel slightly better. “It is not magic but it will do the trick. You will have to stay about three or four days until the fever lessons.” Therefore, the party rests for four days in the Temple of the Lords in Fairhaven and is taken care of by the locals of the temple.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paronomasia Thursday - A Fluke!

Welcome to Paronomasia Thursday or PunDay. I'll start. You go next.

It was a fluke and bait and switch tactic used by sharks everywhere!

WTNW - The Emperor's Siege Pogoda

After many years of toil, the Emporer's Master of War, Chung Pantung has finally completed his greatest work.  Towering above the walls of the Forbidden City can be seen the marvel of the Emporer's Celestial Siege Pagoda!

Jim over at Arsenale Shipworks has just finished work on the first concept sketch for the Emperor's Siege Pogoda. This is the Rocket Siege Tower listed in the WTNW Core book and just like the other Capital Units it will come with three stat cards for separate variations.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ancient City Con - Games Scheduled

I will be running one space opera game and two Call of Cthulhu games at Ancient City Con 5 this year.I just sent them to Chris, the con director. This is the description of the games.

Session Two - It Came From the Galactic Reaches
It was supposed to be a fun vacation – an all expense paid trip around the galaxy aboard Starseeker 88. You were due a little R&R after whipping the butts off those Kegen Jarths on Praxis 9 and you and your team are currently engaged in a head-to-head match of Sabbec. As you sip on your Corellian Ale and watch as the starlines pass by your combat senses kick into overdrive in as the captain comes over the speakers “This is your captain. Do not be afraid. We are experiencing some mild turbulence.” Suddenly, a loud explosion echoes from somewhere on the cruiser. This game is sponsored by Scrying Eye Games.
Players: 6
Rules: D20 Variant
Genre: Space Opera.
GM: Robert Adams

Session Three - The Pit
“Croatan” The word has been found recently scribbled on various buildings where several bodies have been dumped. A strange humming noise is reported from precisely 12:00am until 4:00am. A professor of Greek mythology is under investigation for the suspected robbery of a rare Greek artifact in the campus museum – The Horn of Tindalos. The Arkham Mass police department is at a loss to explain why. Your team of professional investigators has been hired by a Mr. Blackstone to investigate the strange happenings. Could these be connected?
Players: 8
Rules: Call of Cthulhu
Genre: Horror
GM: Robert Adams

Session Four – The Riddle of Tindalos
Having discovered the meaning behind “Croatan” your team continues its investigation into the mysterious Horn of Tindalos and the professor. An ancient ritual is under way. Can you beat the clock to and solve the riddle before it’s too late?
Players: 8
Rules: Call of Cthulhu
Genre: Horror
GM: Robert Adams

Recon 2011 Con Update II

Here are some pictures of the WTNW and Ambush Valley games from the con. Unfortunately there were not enough people at this con and since everyone was in a 40k tourney or playing CLS or boardgames neither happened although many came by to tell me what a great table it was and that they wished they could play but signed up for something else. So this ended up being my demo table for WTNW. All in all, it worked out pretty well though.

Lastly, my brother with Jean Luke

Monday, June 13, 2011

Video Interview for WTNW

While at the con I was speaking to a gentleman when he asked for an interview and he pulled out a camcorder and started video taping me. The interview was Saturday morning and I was a little tired from the night before. It was a pretty good interview. I discuss our product line and when the first batch of miniatures will be coming online.

Thanks for the interview Franzi

Recon 2011 Con Update I


Had a pretty good con. We sold some books and some minis. People are very interested in the minis coming out and the Zyklops. I may have found a sculptor locally to do my organics (Martians, Behemoths, etc) called Frozen Planet. I will keep you posted on those developments but it does look like Brad of Frozen Planet is going to make us a nice two-sided demo board for our games.

My brother ran Fairy meat and made this neat labyrinth. I gave him a castle to use with it. The idea was that the faeries had found a model of the labyrinth on Jarrad's work desk. This was a theme game in homage to the the anniversary of the movie.

I played Age of Eagles on Friday. The battle was Quatre Bras and I had the Dutch and the Brunswickers. Unfortunately my Dutch did not do as well against the French. The thing I did not like about the rules is that two bad rolls pretty much destroyed my entire flank and then when I did roll better it didn't seem to matter because of the superiority of the French. For instance, I rolled a 9 and my opponent rolled a 4. Well I was down three and they were up three. It really did not matter that we were both disordered and that he did not double the number of troops that I had, nor that I was defending a position. Nick Zizo did a good job running the game but I think I prefer Two Fat Lardies Le Flu Sacre or CLS to these rules. I will give them another go however. The game is called Fire and Fury.

 More later...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Away to the Con

Well folks its getting close to Rapier 2011. Postings will be low unless I get some free time to do one at the con this weekend. I will have both books and some Zyklops models for sale as well as the 40k and fantasy stuff that has not yet sold.

For those of you who are interested in WTNW but have not yet played - there will be two demos from the Conflict on Mars book on Saturday. Saturday morning I am running The Bloody Streets of Iker and Saturday afternoon I will be running The Last Flight of the Ubertod. These scenarios deal with the Ruan Red Martian rebellion against the German Great Powers on Mars. I will also be running a game of Ambush Valley. See you at the con!

Where: The Clarion at the JAX Airport
When: Friday Afternoon - Sunday Evening

We will not be there Sunday as I am hosting a big modern microarmor challenge at my house instead.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Great Artist Passes

Please join me in wishing Doug Chaffee's family condolences as he passed away recently. Doug is best known in the gaming community for his work with TSR and his latest art can be found in the Steampunk game Leviathans. Doug also did work for Nasa and the Trident submarine.

I was working with Doug on possibly doing some work for the RPG version of WTNW but that never did come to pass. In all of my dealings with him he was a gentleman and was someone who really cared about art and the industry as a whole.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SuperDungeon - Session III

Upstairs Investigation
So the party ascends upstairs to investigate. I randomly roll an 84 - nothing in the room. I had previously set this room up to have a sliding wall so I kept that and the secret exit to the graveyard. They enter the room and very careful explore. Tyne tosses her torch into the room to illuminate all of it but something puts the torch out.

Investigating, Sigrid and Quinlan discover a breeze about calf height that is coming from the far wall as well as a false floor under which are stairs leading down. Tyne continues to check the room. I roll his search checks. She fails to notice the peg near her foot as she sets off the wall and is trapped in total darkness with a giant spider that she sees descending from its hole in the wall.

Trapped with a giant spider!

We hit 100 followers!

I want to say thank you! After two  three years of blogging I've finally hit 100 members! Thank you to all of my followers and loyal fans. WTNW has been a big success and I expect it will only get bigger now that we have a full line of miniatures planned and we've included the awesome artwork of Scrying Eye Games! A big thank you to everyone who has followed this blog.

As you know we aim to cover a wide spectrum of the hobby from roleplaying to miniatures combat and everything in between. With that being said look forward to some new columns on terrain building and painting techniques. I am going to continue posting updates for WTNW and the AARs of the games as well as the DM and Player advice columns on a regular basis.

Tonight's game we continue SuperDungeon in our session III. Also my dad is joining the Chronicles of the Six after a very good game of Pirates when Liesel and Randy decided they really liked my dad and want him to join up. It'll be the first time I've roleplayed with dad. He likes combat. I am sure he'll get plenty of that. Should be a great ride!

Look for us at Rapiercon 2011 this weekend! We have a booth and will be doing demos of WTNW and of Ambush Valley. Oh and yes we will have copies of ACG002 Conflict on Mars and WTNW Core available for sale as well as an assortment of other goodies including a few Zyklops!

Again thank you! I couldn't have done it without your support!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stormtroopers Versus Tribbles

The Botany Bay and the the Grissom are engaged in research. The Botany Bay is investigating a nearby planet and most of its team is away on the planet when the Evil Empire emerges from a Warp Rift and immediately fires missiles at the Federation ships assigned to guard K7. The Stargazer, the Enterprise A, Farragut and the Reliant see the threat and engage the Hand and the star destroyers escorting her. The Tribbles being to fire up K7s weapons.

This was a great game and we used Full Thrust rules. I played the Federation and defeated the Hand and two of the star destroyers. The E8 star destroyer send stormtroopers to the Botany Bay who's grizzled veterans were able to hold off the Storm Troopers and took their frigate and returned to the E8 Star Destroyer. "They're using an old code sir but it checks out." as the Botany Bay marines attempted to take the E8 but failed miserably. 

The highlights of the game were dad rolling 13 of missile damage on the Enterprise and the a shattering phaser attack against E6 sending her to meet the Emperor! The Tribbles took several shots at the Empire and thinking retreat the better part of valor after losing three of their ships the Empire hobbled off engaging their stardrive...

Ships Destroyed
Reliant, Enterprise A, Star Destroyers E8 and E9 and the Battle Cruiser The Evil Hand.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Black Skull Island

Rum Runner and Tucan Sam
Welcome ta Black Skull Island off Tiger Shark bay matey! This be the place where Governor Malibu is keepin his treasure fort! Treasure Fort is just off Black Skull near the Giant Lizard's bones. When ye get ta Tiger Shark Bay beware o' the kraken and other surprises! Be warned mate that there be other lubbers and pirates out in the area also seeking booty. So in true piratey fashion whoever gets away with the most booty wins - Savvy?

Queen Anne's Revenge and Blackbeard

We'll be using the home brew rules because that's the best kind aye? The bigger ships can take more hits but the smaller ones are quicker. Also the big ones get around but can't get close to the island. Stay away from the islands if your ship is big or you'll hit the ground and watch out for traps and for the kraken!

Gov Malibu

When ye get the treasure watch out fer the other pirates. We're sure ta see boardin action and legendary sword play. Attempt ta parlay with the Gov or make yer bones with the Tikki but remember ta do everything like a pirate or ye'll be walking the plank!

Black Skull Island

Rascal and Devil of the Seas

Capt Black Bart aboard Black Fang
Capt Maj Jonsey