Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day - Full Thrust - To Go Nowhere...

Happy Memorial Day. Thank you to the REAL heroes who have served or who serve in our and our allies armed forces.

Full Thrust - Somewhere near the neutral zone...
A small squadron of Romulas Birds of Pray escorting a Warbird encounter a fleet of older Federation ships returning to their space station. The Romulas quickly move to intercept - disengaging their cloaking devices only as their distrupters fire at the station. The Federation ships engage the Romulans and a classic game of cat and mouse begin around the Barsian Nebula and an unidentified Federation space station.

CoTS - World Stone - Session II

As our heroes wrap up defeating the abberations and fleshy demons in the room they pause as the Rogue, Greya attempts to discern if there are traps at the door. Checking the door reveals that although there are sigils around the door there appear to be no traps. Unfortunately for Greya a green ray blasts through the door striking her in her chest and knocking her backward. Quickly, Lavindra has her solar check the rogue while Ariadne attempts to use her Spellcraft to discern the spell triggered by the trap. Searching through her vast Archmage knowledge she reveals the spell to be a form of disintegrate ray and is thankful that Greya must have survived the attack for the rogue was still present.

Grusk and Kreek then heard shuffling in the room and turned to see pieces of the fleshy creatures that they had destroyed forming some singular mass. The mass formed pseudopods and began attacking the party with fleshy claws and many mouths. Kreek knew the creature to be a chaos beast but it was far more advanced than she had previously encountered. The threat was quickly subdued although Grusk and the bladesinger were damaged by the creature and although they felt the transforming evil magic of the abberation attempting to change their very flesh they were able through sheer fortitude save themselves.

Friday, May 27, 2011

D&D Minis Lives On!

I am so excited about this announcement! As a lover of prepainted miniatures I cannot tell you how wonderful this is! In what has to be one of the best things that Paizo ever did they are coming together with WizKids to keep up the range! Remember, the difference between truth and make believe is in your imagination.

"Paizo Publishing and WizKids Games announce a new partnership whereby WizKids Games will produce a special set of pre-painted plastic miniatures for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box, an introductory boxed set slated to release in October 2011.

“We’re excited to bring the Pathfinder property to life via 3-D pre-painted fantasy miniatures” said Lax Chandra, President of WizKids Games, "Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG has emerged as a leader in the RPG category and we are looking forward to working with their great brand.”"

Full story

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pointman AAR - A Very Bad Day For Plumbers

AAG Pointman Demo One
A Very Bad Day For Plumbers – Contracting Trouble AAR
Last night I ran demos of Force on Force. We played the scenario Contracting Trouble. I ran it by the book the first scenario except I did use FOW cards and everyone had a lot of fun. FOW cards (FOG OF WAR) represent the very real chaotic events that happen on the battlefield. Whenever someone rolls a 1 on their reaction roll they automatically generate a FOW event. The cards that have different results represent these events. For instance, one FOW card is called "What's this wall made of swiss cheese?" and placing it on a wall negates the defense bonus that you get from solid cover when behind that wall because it is so shot up that it does not provide much protection. Let's get to it!

In Contracting Trouble the Regulars are trying to get two contractors who crashed their SUV into a building and the Irregulars (Insurgents) are trying to get keep the contractors from being rescued.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ambush Alley Demo - Contracting Trouble

Where and When
I will be running Force on Force up at Borderlands Comics and Games today. Borderlands is off 9A and Atlantic Blvd in Jacksonville, FL. The demo will start at 7pm and will run until we are done. I will be also trying out some rules for the upcoming Cold War Gone Hot supplement for Force on Force as I am a playtester and consultant on that project as well.

The Down and Dirty
We will be using the Contracting Trouble scenario in the FOF book under Putting it All Together. We will be using the Fog Of War random elements. I plan on this being a basic instructional time for people to learn how to play the game. I will be available as your local Pointman to answer any questions you have.

If this is your first time with AAG or indeed any wargames for that matter please feel free to stop by and ask as many questions as you wish. I will be more than happy to assist you and answer anything that I am able to answer.

I look forward to seeing you at the FLGS!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

40K Armies for Sale

Lizardmen Army - $400US + S&H

Tzeentch Army = $500.00 US + S&H

Orcs Army - WAAG!!!  $350.00 US + S&H

Nids - $300.00 USD It's BUGS man!

Orcs, Lizardmen, Tzeentch have sold!

From Under A Rock - What Not to Do pt I

Today you are in a for a super quick really cool hidden bit of arcane lore that is held dear by DMs/GMs and Storytellers everywhere. This bit of information is sure to keep you alive longer if you follow it than if you choose to ignore my warnings. The sages of old respect this advice and once you learn the wisdom I am about to magnanimosity share you will too. Sure, you can go about and do whatever you want but then I will be reading about you under a rock.

So here it is.

If you want to have a successful, happy, adventuring career free of overpowered cheesewiz

NEVER accuse your DM of lying or cheating....

Now for a palate refresher, DM Says ya gonna die!

Monday, May 23, 2011

CoTS The Sundered Stone Session One

The Chronicles of the Six Lives On
The Feast
While in the middle of a hero's feast and party in Silverymoon attended by the greats of Faerun including the Lady in Silver Allustrial and the sage Elminster - the party meets Baroness Lavindra N'Toth and her retinue. She has been promoted and the Dales are once again safe as is Faerun from the evil of the Nightlord. Our heroes defeated the Rot Lord and one of them attained the portfolio of entropy. Lavinda's party (the other Tuesday group) defeated and locked the Nightlord back in his prison.

The Unknown
Now as the heroes are feasting they see above them an ancient sight as a shadowy city of the Shadowvar, the ancient Netherese mages who fell from their high positions due to hubris a thousand years ago - powerful spell casters, approach Silverymoon over the Highforest. No one knows their intentions and most fear the worst as the Knights in Silver begin to quickly take positions around the walls, their hippogriff calvary forming over the defensive barrier and several regiments of calvary and light infantry started deploying around the town.

ACG002 - WTNW Conflict on Mars Just Went to Printer!

WTNW Conflict on Mars just went to the printers! This means we will have pre advanced copies available well before the August release date! Remember, both the Conflict on Mars and the Core rules are available NOW in pdf format or as a bundle with the core rules for the low price of only $20.00 USD from here.

Friday, May 20, 2011

WTNW British and German Figures Started

Have you been wanting to see what we are doing with our miniature line here are some photos of the work that is currently being done. We are going for a traditional Victorian colonial feel for the majority of the line troops though we will have some very special poses for the elite troops that are very VSF/Steampunk.

Here's some pics of the Brits and Germans in process!

British are Regulars and Highlanders dating from Zulu Wars to Sudan.

Germans are See Battalion and FPW style Prussians in Pickelhaube.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Super Dungeon - Session One

Super Dungeon – Session One
For those of you that have been following along you already know the character creation guidelines that I allowed and a little bit about what I am trying to accomplish here and for those of you who do not I suggest you read this thread.

When the Nightlord was defeated, the Shadovar returned and the world stone was sundered forcing the worlds to collide forming one giant mega-world. Players can travel from Faerun to Athas to Grayhawk and back to Krynn before stopping by at Ebbron. This allowed me to allow the players to be from anywhen or anywhere. It also allows me to use any villain or critter I want.

Introduction to the Idea

 When I started this project, I decided that I would keep it completely random.  I decided I would use random tables from the DMG while in the dungeon and random name generators for encounters and such.  Oh do not get me wrong – I’ve used random elements in my games before. In fact, some of the most fun elements of games – for me as the DM - have been random, and I have run off the cuff before. The trick is though that I have never told the players that – they never asked. This time, however, everyone knows that this is all coming from the deep pool of imagination that we have collectively and I get to shape as the DM. So far it has been a lot of fun and I can only expect that it will become more so as time progresses in the game.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dungeon Adventure - Character Creation Guidelines

Character Creation Guidelines for Super Dungeon
Stats: DMG Ability Point buy system. You have 28 points.
NPC Class: Take two levels in One class, Skills count as if leveling not as if first level. . ie for the expert it is 6+int mod), 1/2 full hit points for the NPC level plus your con modifier, all specials offered by NPC class, BAB and saves from NPC class.
Alignment: Any Non-Evil
Race: Any but powerful races with ECLs must purchase their levels in ECL before continuing in class levels.
Class Level One: (Any 3.5 class) - Treat your class level as your first level skill point wise. Take full hit points plus con mod and add NPC hit points. Add the BAB and saves to the NPC class BAB and saves. Get feats as if first level.
Money: Everyone begins play with 300 gp. You can use any 3.5 book's equipment.

If you are using it and it is not in the Players Handbook - bring a copy of what you are using to the game so that it can be easily referenced. At a very minimum write down the book and page number that it is from on your character sheet so I can reference it during the game.

Background traits etc will be assigned during the game.

DM Advice - Listen/Search/Spot in 3.5 VS Perception in Pathfinder

Some like the ability to break out the senses. This is I think what WOTC was thinking when they decided upon the skill sets for 3.0 and later 3.5. Listen - hearing, spot - sight, search - all senses more thorough. When Pathfinder simplified the system to one roll - Perception - it encompassed all senses.

Now that I am thinking of running a dungeon-level based game I have to ask the question - did Pathfinder cut the skills too drastically in this area?

The benefits to cutting back on the skills are immediately obvious in that players can expend less skill points for the same bang. It also means that the skills are encompassed into one single roll.

How does this affect dungeon crawling when in the cramped confined darkness you need to use all your senses?

I am starting to wonder. Yes it is easy to make a perception roll for everything but did that cut back on the specialization of certain classes?

What are your thoughts?

Listen/Search/Spot versus Perception

Hide/Move Silently versus Stealth

Did it affect dungeon crawling aversely? Is it better?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dungeon Adventure - Level One

In my previous post I described our Tuesday night group.It's a 3.5 game with no limits on books used. I think it would be fun to have everyone chime in what would be fun to do with each level starting at level one. So bearing that in mind the players all have two levels of NPC and one level of class. Their NPC classes do not count toward their effective character level and they could not go over 4 points for ranks in skills as per a normal first level character. So bearing this in mind what would be good to fill level one with?

I am going to start the game with the story that there is some trouble in an old mine nearby. The mine has been in disuse for many years and is rumored to be haunted.Recently, live stock and small trinkets have started missing in the town. The party is paid by the locals to find out where their valuables are going and who exactly is taking them. They will go to the mine and descend into the depths. I am planning on the mine being the entrance to a giant dungeon (where most of the campaign will take place).

 So think wheels within wheels.

What's the first ecology they could encounter? What are the first denizens? Kobolds? Goblins? Something more exotic? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

What is their motivation? Greed? Forced labor? Something more nefarious? 

This should be a fun exercise to develop the dungeon together.

This will be a series of posts that I will keep up such as into to the characters, monsters killed, highlights etc. There might even be some writing from some of the players in here. I am excited about this!

Update 5/14/11 pictures and walkthrough of level one... I just built it! Notice that the rooms are all empty - for now...

Finally, here's a walkthrough of the entire level one of the dungeon!

..And We're Back...

Hello fellow bloggers in blog land.  As our Men’s group is moving away from the traditional weekly meeting and taking a different approach my Thursday nights are freeing up. We will be starting a (at least once per month but hopefully more often) gaming group on Thursdays that will meet and play WTNW and Ambush Alley Games as well as Command Decision and some Pulp Alley as well. The group will remain open to everyone who wants to attend. We will meet at my house Thursdays for two to four hours.  As always we will do AARS with front line photography and commentary from the combatants.

We are also starting a dungeon-crawl type game in which I plan to run a dungeon-crawl bi weekly on Tuesdays with our group. I will be doing random dungeon elements along with the plot and fixed stuff that will be in there. I will be using my own advice for building ecologies and not static dungeons. We are actually looking for a few more people for this game. All 3.5 materials are acceptable.

The Chronicles of the Six group is in the process of playing Kingmaker and we’ve updated their characters for the Forgotten Realms games. We will be playing Kingmaker (in galantia) for the most part but occasionally we will pull out their level 15 and 16s and play some higher-level stuff with Ariadinne, Grusk and the gang.
Lastly, if you have not downloaded the pdf of the Conflict on Mars yet – do so! The layout is stunning and Joey did a fantastic job with it! James did the majority of the interior art and Eli did the races. Great job all around and I am very proud of this supplement. We are moving away from the grainy game photos and home brew feel to our games and going to a two-column layout that is very professional. The quality of the books is just better.

That is all for now fellow bloggers and readers. Thank you to my loyal readers and friends. Without you, we wouldn’t have a blog and without Armchairgeneral1 the world would be sad.
The rest of the time, I am spending with my family. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When the Navy Walked - Conflict on Mars - PDF Available NOW!

When the Navy Walked: Conflict On Mars! is a miniature rules set that covers an alternate history set during the colonization of the Red Planet of Mars by the Great Powers.  As the Great Powers vie for control of the planet’s few resources and the Red Planet’s native Red, Green and White Martians make tenuous treaties with them, something older stirs in the depths of the planet. Something dark and terrible that has been hidden for eons in forgotten crèches locked in a stasis of bloody dreams of conquest.

The Overlords are awakening from their deep slumber and returning to the planet’s surface once again! The Gray servants of the Skvani are gathering their Tripod War Machines! The future of Mars bears dark days of war!

WTNW is more than just a Victorian Science Fiction Game. It is a springboard for imagination and a high-level game of tactics and battles set amongst a 'what if' world inspired by the classic authors of Victorian Science Fiction and Retro Science Fiction.  In WTNW, players take the reins and command massive armies of men, fantastic beasts and steam-driven vehicles of leviathan proportions.  In the end, the thunder that cascades across the battlefield to settle in the souls of the fighting men will only be assuaged with the assistance of the landship.

This Conflict on Mars supplement is not a stand-alone game. You will require the full version of When the Navy Walked, Second Edition, to play the game. So grab your goggles and your Aethertech, and get ready for a good time filled with steam and adventure!

Buy Now

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ambush Alley Games - Pointman

Hoorah! I have been selected as an Ambush Alley Pointman. This means if you want a demo I am supposed to run one. Let me know! I love that game! I have Force on Force, Ambush Alley and pretty much every supplement including Ambush Valley and the yet to be released Tomorrow's War. Now if you do want to play anything that is still in playtest I may have to vet you through Shawn first. Anyway I'm their SouthEast US Pointman and Demo/Consultant guy. Did I mention I love that game?!?!

A | Z - Zyklops (German Capital Unit)

This is our first Capital Unit vehicle available NOW from JTFM Enterprise! Here she is!

The first Zyklops landship leaves the Kaiser's shipworks ! After labourious forming and rivetting, this colossal weapon is ready for use by the armies of the Kaiser !

This is the first in a series of vehicles and miniatures which will be brought to you jointly by, JTFM Enterprises and The ArmChair General.
The Box

The Pieces

Thursday, May 5, 2011

140 Flash Fears Day Challenge - Visions of Regrets

The ground came fast. He didn’t know how long he had. Visions of his life screamed through his mind. Regrets. The darkness was unsettling. How long would his pain last?

For those of your who do not follow Porky read this and then this which will explain what the above is about. 140 characters or less. Fiction Challenge. Scary ain't it?

Recon 2011 Conventure!

Recon 2011 was a blast! We setup as a vendor and everyone bought a copy of the rules who played the demo! I think WTNW now stands on its own. Remember the Conflict on Mars book will be out soon! Also - we have minis coming out! More on that later.

We ran two scenarios out of the Martian book. The Bloody Streets of Iker and the Last Flight of the Ubertod. The first scenario the red martians are revolting in the town of Iker. They are fighting against the German Tod Death Troopers and have to contend with the massive airship The Ubertod. The second scenario has the red martians under the leadership of Gava setting up a trap to destroy the Ubertod before it can get back to Wyversburg after making repairs. The second scenario starts off the Ubertod on the ground and it cannot fly until it is able to be repaired. The Red Martians attack from both sides and with a behemoth!

There were a bunch of great games. Stan Johansen's Road Rage was one of them. I got to run  my car next to James of Scrying Eye Games. We were able to stop the up armored SUV but my poor car was crushed in the attack. Oh it was a glorious setup though with me at one side and James following me to the right with his car and van (with three ma duces! on the top!) Anyway we creamed  the other guy! I got rammed by the SUV and by James but my driver survived - and ran into the building sometime later on impulse 3.

Rob Morse did a great game of Vietnam of a firebase raid in 15mm using the first print of the FoW figures from their original Nam line. He then ran a great setup of Zombies. He wrote a nice rules set which he wants me to write for him and then publish - no problem!
The special guest this year was the guy who wrote Aerodome (dont have his name handy) and he ran games all con long. 

The guys at On the Lamb where there (we were all next to each other) and we shared a demo table with them. I also got to oogle the Jap otters :D

My buddy Bart ran night of the living sponge bob. Zombies at Bikini Bottom oh my!

My other buddy Rick ran an ATEAM game and a Werewolf hunter game. Rick likes a lot of pulpy stuff. So do I. I got to be Murdock and bomb the crap out of people from my plane.

So here's a bunch of pics of games that went on.

A | Z - Y is for Yarath

The wind-whales of Jupiter have only one major predator - the predatory flying monster called the Yarath. This creature lives between the realms of the Air Queen and somewhere deep within the gravitational pull of the gas giant Jupiter itself. A massive creature that resembles a cross between an Earth Great White shark and a Venusian Argongator the Yarath is a tenacious predator that will follow a pod of wind whales for days before settling on one to hunt. Then it will track the one for several more days - haring it until the poor creature is too exhausted to continue to propel itself through the gravity pull.  That's when it closes on its pray..

There have been several attempts to saddle the monster but so far not even the Air Queen's Royal WindRiders have been able to do the job. The Yarath are big and aggressive but they are also stealthy and finding one can be an extremely difficult task. The Air Queen has sent several hunters out to find the Yarath but so far none have been able to defeat the massive creature. These are the titans of the skies of Jupiter and adventurers and Aethernaughts would be well advised to give them a very wide berth.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WTNW Core and WTNW COM update

Just finished updating the Internal Hits charts to 2d6 instead of D12. Also just updated the format for Core by adding the explanations from the quick start and the scenarios from the quick start. I also added no shooting into melee, cav cannot move the turn after it charged and explained in more detail how charging and melee works. I think its quite an improvement.

People wanted a 2d6 instead of a d12 chart so I updated it. I will make the pdf available to anyone who purchased the book or pdf. Just give me a receipt like normal. The change is asthetic mostly but was brought on with the new layout art for the conflict on mars book and the fact that we're changing to b&w and double column layout with some seriously cool victorian boarders.

There are also new orders for evade charging and for fixing one's bayonets or spears against a charger.

I am in Raleigh NC working for the week. I will try to get Y and Z for the blogging challenge sometime this week.